Joe Biden blew a gasket after a top conservative hit him with this surprising demand

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Joe Biden is leading from the rear as America’s problems continue to pile up.

He’s panicking over one major disaster.

And Joe Biden blew a gasket after a top conservative hit him with this surprising demand.

The danger from Mexican drug cartels is growing under President Joe Biden.

He empowered the cartels to rake in billions of dollars, flooding the country with illegal aliens and dangerous drugs, like fentanyl, after he opened the southern border.

The cartels are becoming emboldened from the weak leadership displayed by the President.

In the border city of Matamoros, Mexico, thugs with the Gulf Cartel recently kidnapped four American citizens in broad daylight, ultimately murdering two of them.

The Biden regime has shown no interest in cracking down on the cartels after they directly murdered American citizens, and have killed tens of thousands more with fentanyl.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) is one of the top conservatives in Congress, and is stepping up with a plan to tackle the cartels.

He introduced a bill to designate the Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations (FTO) in response to the havoc they’re wreaking on the country.

The Drug Cartel Terrorist Designation Act would require the State Department to provide reports on the cartels, and unlock additional powers for the federal government to crack down on them such as an increased ability to target material and financial support from individuals.

Four of the largest Mexican cartels – the Gulf Cartel, the Cartel Del Noreste, the Cartel de Sinaloa, and the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion – would be designated as FTOs under this legislation.

That would put them in the same category as notorious Islamic terrorist groups, like ISIS and Al Qaeda, in the eyes of the federal government.

The Biden regime has been hesitant to designate the cartels as FTOs out of fear it would upset relations with Mexico.

Rep. Roy told Fox News in a statement that the murder of American citizens “clearly illustrates the fact that cartels are no longer just drug-running gangs.”

 “They are bold enough to kidnap and kill foreign nationals in broad daylight; there is no limit to the inhumane methods they will use to achieve their ultimate end — profiting off of human suffering,” Roy said. “This most recent atrocity adds to the already massive human toll including 72,000 dead Americans from fentanyl poisoning, more than 1,000 dead migrants along our border, and countless human and sex trafficking victims.”

Fentanyl, primarily trafficked by the cartels, has become the leading cause of death for Americans 18-45.

Roy said it was time for Congress to act against the drug cartels.

“It’s long past time to designate these cartels as the terrorists they are and give U.S. authorities the tools needed to take them down,” Roy said. “That’s why I started pushing the Trump administration for FTO designations during my first few months in Congress, why I introduced this legislation last Congress, and why I’m introducing it again.”

Joe Biden is asleep at the wheel while the danger posed by Mexican drug cartels is on the rise.  

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