Joe Biden blew a fuse after John Kerry accidently let this truth slip

John Kerry has always been a pain in the neck for conservatives.

Now, he’s becoming a problem for Democrats.

And Joe Biden blew a fuse after he accidentally let this truth slip.

America is in the midst of its worst energy crisis since the Carter administration.

Joe Biden is an environmental wacko who has wholeheartedly embraced Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal agenda. 

One of his first actions as President was to freeze new drilling permits on federal land. 

With gas prices becoming a major political problem, his regime launched an underhanded scheme.

Biden made a deceptive move to allow more leases for drilling on federal land after being forced to open them up by a federal court ruling.

But this is an election year political stunt.

He increased the fees that companies have to pay to get a drilling permit and made less of the land available.

Coupled with crippling environmental regulations, most of these new leases will go unused.

On MSNBC, Biden’s Climate Envoy John Kerry let the mask slip on these new federal leases.

He said that Biden “knows that many of these leases that have been granted are simply not going to be drilled in.”

Kerry slipped up by saying the quiet part out loud.

These new leases give Biden and Democrats a talking point to claim that there is no war on American energy.

But there’s a bigger agenda at work for Democrats.

Kerry went on to lay out the connection to Biden’s Green Energy schemes.

“Is there some additional pumping? Yes, there is,” Kerry said.

“So, I don’t think — as long as the additional efforts to produce gas are, in fact, temporary, as long as they are geared to be able to deal with the need for economic stability in order to be able to make the transitions that we need,” he added.

The “transitions” that Kerry is talking about are the Biden regime’s plan to force green energy on Americans.

“So, I look at this as a temporary measure to try to relieve the price pressure, which is essential to keeping the population committed to moving in these directions, and I think it’s understandable,” he concluded.

Kerry admits that this is a temporary move to keep the Left’s green energy schemes moving forward.

These new federal leases are simply a political ploy to keep forcing the country to move toward green energy.

Even a small increase in oil production is okay to Kerry as long the population is moving in his preferred direction on green energy.

Joe Biden is never going to let a crisis go to waste.

He’s used high gas prices as an excuse to double down on pushing green energy like electric cars.

Regime officials have made tone deaf pitches for expensive electric cars while Americans are being crushed by high gas prices.

This move shows Joe Biden will use any opportunity to try to advance his green energy fantasies. 

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