Joe Biden began to tremble when he saw these shocking numbers

Joe Biden’s regime is on the ropes.

The debacles foreign and domestic are piling up.

And Joe Biden began to tremble when he saw these shocking numbers.

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been an epic disaster.

A botched withdrawal in Afghanistan, stagflation, COVID-19, and a border crisis are dragging him down.

As the disasters piled up, his approval ratings in the polls have been sinking like a brick.

Nationally, his approval ratings are consistently underwater with more people disapproving than approving of his disastrous regime.

A new poll shows just how much his regime has collapsed.

The poll from Remington Research Group surveyed 7 battleground house districts held by Democrats.

They include California’s 10th Congressional District (CD), Florida’s 7th CD, Iowa’s 3rd CD, Michigan’s 8th and 11th CDs, Virginia’s 2nd CD and Washington’s 8th CD.

It found that Biden’s approval was underwater by an average of 7% in these key swing districts.

On the economy, he was underwater by an average of 7% and 9% on foreign policy.

Each of the seven Democrats was trailing a generic Republican challenger by an average of six points.

The $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” being pushed by Biden and the radical Left had just 35% saying the spending was necessary compared to 65% who opposed it.

This is a devastating poll for the Biden regime and Nancy Pelosi on several levels.

With Republicans needing to flip about a dozen seats to retake the House it’s clear Pelosi’s majority is on shaky ground.

The $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” bill is the centerpiece of the radical Biden agenda.

With slim majorities in the House and Senate, vulnerable Democrats are going to have to take a vote on an unpopular bill that could sink their careers.

This is the latest poll of battleground House districts that show Democrats and their agenda underwater.

This poll, along with the others, could make vulnerable Democrats take pause before voting for Biden’s unpopular agenda.

After being hailed as the next FDR by the corporate-controlled media, the American people are giving Biden the grade as the next Jimmy Carter.

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