Joe Biden attacked Fox News for one reason that will make your blood boil

Like all Democrats Joe Biden believes the corporate-controlled media should work on his behalf.

But Fox News is the one corporate-controlled media outlet that doesn’t toe the White House line.

And now Joe Biden attacked Fox News for one reason that will make your blood boil.

Polls show immigration is a major political vulnerability for President Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

But instead of reversing course and abandoning the Left’s open borders agenda, President Biden launched a dangerous attack on democracy and the freedom of the press.

The Biden regime is now blaming their poor poll numbers on immigration on Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, whose reports from the border have highlighted the staggering crisis of Joe Biden’s illegal alien invasion.

Politico’s West Wing Playbook reported that White House officials fumed to their allies in the corporate-controlled press that Melugin is covering a story the Biden regime expected the media to cover up.

“In recent days, several current and former White House and administration officials expressed to West Wing Playbook their increasing frustration with his on-air coverage, arguing that there is an alarmist quality to it, designed to feed political narratives rather than illuminate the actual issues feeding the migrant flow,” Politico reported.

What infuriated the Biden White House about Melugin’s reporting is the fact that he actually traveled to the southern border and performed old fashion shoe leather reporting, rather than engaging in modern “journalism,” which is blogging left-wing talking points from a Brooklyn apartment.

“But Melugin has helped usher in a new style of coverage of the issue by the network,” Politico continued. “He is part of a more technologically savvy generation of Fox reporters and producers whose work leans more heavily on on-the-ground reporting augmented by soaring aerial drone footage of migrants crossing the border. The technique gives the story a dramatic visual scale that Fox pundits use to bolster their arguments about the enormity of the problem.”

Biden’s handlers also complained that Melugin brought attention to the absurd number of illegal aliens President Biden and Democrats are allowing to invade the country – over 4,000,000 since assuming power – as opposed to focusing on the regime’s preferred narrative that centers on the  “root causes” of illegal migration.

“One administration official who used to work on immigration issues told West Wing Playbook that the Biden team has complained about the lack of nuance in the network’s coverage of the topic, which focuses more on the number of migrants rather than explaining the root causes of the situation,” POLITICO added.

President Joe Biden has no plan – or intention – to secure the border because the point of left-wing extremists’ immigration agenda is open borders.

Biden counted on a corporate-controlled media blackout to minimize the political fallout.

But Bill Melugin dashed those hopes.

And now the Biden administration is lashing out.

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