Jim Jordan made a prediction about Hunter Biden that left Democrats frantic

Jim Jordan is taking no prisoners when it comes to holding Democrats accountable.

With Hunter Biden, he’s got plenty to go after.

Now he made a prediction about Hunter Biden that left Democrats frantic.

Democrats and their lackeys in the corporate-controlled media and Big Tech tried to cover up Hunter Biden’s scandals by calling them “Russian misinformation.”

They successfully spiked the bombshell report about Hunter’s laptop from hell during the 2020 election.

But now, Hunter’s corruption is breaking through in the corporate-controlled media.

The New York Times and Washington Post after trying to cover up the story are admitting that Hunter’s laptop is real.

After ignoring it for years, the corporate-controlled media is suddenly taking an interest in the story.

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan has taken over the role of leading Republican watchdog from Trey Gowdy.

He offered a theory to Newsmax about the reason for the corporate-controlled media’s sudden interest in the story.

Jordan asked, “Why is the mainstream press all of sudden talking about this?”

“Some people suspect, some people believe that the reason you’re seeing the legacy media, the mainstream media begin to talk about [Hunter’s laptop] is because they sense that an indictment is coming,” he added.

Hunter is currently under federal investigation in Delaware for tax crimes.

The investigation is heating up with federal prosecutors expanding their investigation into his shady overseas business dealings.

Hunter and his business associates are reportedly being investigated for money laundering and violating foreign lobbying laws.

This is in connection to Hunter’s no-show job with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma that paid him millions.

Never mind the fact Hunter had never worked in the energy business before.

The federal prosecutor leading the probe, Dan Weiss, was appointed by President Trump.

The corporate-controlled media’s new-found interest in Hunter could be preparing to do damage control for Joe.

Even CNN is now admitting that there’s a “realistic chance” Hunter could be charged.

If charges are potentially coming, the media can get out in front of the story.

They could set a narrative of what happened that shields Joe from the Hunter fallout.

More Hunter problems would be a major political problem for Joe.

His Presidency is falling apart and the last thing he needs heading into a tough midterm is a major scandal involving his immediate family. 

The corporate-controlled media will of course do everything in their power to soften the blow.

But potential federal charges could be the just beginning of Hunter’s problems.

If Republicans are able to retake control of the House, Jim Jordan would chair the powerful House Judiciary Committee.

Jordan has promised to open an investigation into Hunter to get to the bottom of his shady business dealings.

With control of the House, Republicans would have the ability to subpoena witnesses and evidence.

No matter what happens with the federal investigation of Hunter, it’s clear this is a problem that isn’t going away for Joe.

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