Jim Jordan just revealed the one reason Republicans will impeach Joe Biden

Republicans may very well win control of Congress this November.

A new GOP majority will have consequences for Joe Biden.

And Jim Jordan just revealed the one reason Republicans will impeach Joe Biden.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart, Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan revealed that Republicans may impeach Joe Biden over Joe Biden opening the  border to record levels of illegal immigration.

Jordan told Breitbart that Biden’s open borders agenda rose to the level of an impeachable offense because Biden purposefully refused to enforce federal immigration laws.

“When you intentionally allow 1.9 million people in one year’s time to come across your border, there’s no other way you can interpret this other than it’s deliberate. It’s intentional,” Jordan stated.

Jordan said impeachment “is something that our conference is going to have to look at closely and make a decision on, but it’ll be a conference-wide decision.”

The Ohio Republican is likely to chair the House Oversight Committee if Republicans win the majority.

Jordan laid out the road map for the Republicans to impeach Biden over open borders.

“It is so big and it is deliberate,” Jordan explained about Biden’s open borders agenda. “It is intentional, and the idea that they’re doing it in the dark of the night so that that the country doesn’t fully know and see what’s going on is wrong . . . This is deliberate, what they’re doing.”

But immigration may not be the only impeachable offense Biden committed.

Jordan warned that Biden’s illegally put together a federal national gun registration database to catalogue which Americans owned what firearms.

“Those records are now being kept in what has to be — by any definition now — a gun registry that the Biden administration is putting together. That’s a scary thing,” Jordan stated.

“The ATF is keeping this registry of hundreds of millions of gun purchases over the last 20-some years,” Jordan explained, adding that the Biden administration put together a list of “law-abiding Americans who purchase a firearm.”

Biden’s national gun registration database takes on additional concern after Biden used the FBI to put together an enemies list of parents who protested mask mandates and Critical Race Theory at local school board meetings.

Should Republicans win back control of Congress in November there will be massive pressure on House Republicans to impeach Biden.

And now Jim Jordan – one of the Republicans who will help shape the decision to impeach Biden – laid out the basis for how Republicans will go about trying to remove Biden from office.

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