Jim Jordan delivered one warning to Laura Ingraham that should scare every American

Joe Biden is running a rogue and lawless Presidency.

But Biden is plunging America into a crisis that could have catastrophic consequences.

And Jim Jordan delivered one warning to Laura Ingraham that should scare every American.

The House of Representatives just voted on approving a $40 billion dollar aid package to Ukraine.

There was no debate on where the money will come from or what continually spending billions on the war against Russia will do to inflation.

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan warned Laura Ingraham that handing Joe Biden a blank check to print billions in new dollars while inflation was at a four-decade high would continue to punish the American people with runaway inflation.

“Think about your typical family out there. We got a 41-year-high inflation rate. Everything costs more for the moms and dads and families. Rent costs more, gas costs more, clothes cost more,” Jordan began.

Jordan continued telling Ingraham that Joe Biden opened America’s border to a record level invasion of illegal aliens and that it was time for the government to pay attention to the problems at home instead of halfway around the world.

“I understand people’s intentions. I understand how bad the situation is for the Ukrainian people, what they’re going through and why some of my colleagues may have went that way. But I also understand what’s happening here in this country with record levels of crime, the border that’s wide open, attorney general who treats the very moms and dads you were talking to as if they were domestic terrorists,” Jordan declared.

Jordan told Ingraham that in the last two weeks, Joe Biden announced the creation of a Ministry of Truth to censor conservatives ahead of  the Midterm election while plunging America deeper into the war in Ukraine and one step closer to a nuclear confrontation with Russia.

“And what have the Democrats done in the last two weeks? Last week they gave us the Disinformation Governance Board and came after our First Amendment liberties. And this week they spend $40 billion on a foreign country. So that’s the concern that I have and I think so many Americans have. I voted for all kinds of help for Ukraine thus far,” Jordan added.

Jordan railed against the fact that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rushed this massive $40 billion dollar aid package to the floor without giving Members of Congress a chance to read the bill.

“But this bill, we said, ‘No, look, we got to focus on the issues that count here in America, that matter to American families and also help Ukraine, but do it in a way that makes more sense than I think this piece of legislation did.’ Particularly the fact that we only had a few hours to look at it for goodness sake, is another reason we should have been against it,” Jordan concluded.

Continually pumping arms into Ukraine in order to destroy the Russian military is a serious risk.

America and the West crushing the Russian military’s conventional capabilities could push Putin to decide NATO presents an “existential threat” to Russia and that the only way to win this war is by deploying a nuclear weapon inside of Ukraine. 

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