Jill Biden just slipped up and confirmed that this is it for Joe Biden

Joe Biden has been a disaster as President.  

From skyrocketing inflation to persistent questions about the decline of his mental state, Joe Biden’s reign as President could be over sooner than expected.

And Jill Biden just slipped up and confirmed that this is it for Joe Biden.

The Biden administration has struggled from day one to keep it together and stay on message.

In the first few months of Joe Biden’s time as President, his team tried desperately to hide his clear mental decline, but eventually the task became too much, and they gave up trying.

The rumors circulating around Washington, D.C. were always that Kamala Harris was ready to jump into the role as President, but given her less than stellar performance as Vice President many aren’t so sure about her abilities anymore.

But Jill Biden seems to still believe in the Vice President.

During a recent Black History Month Celebration, First Lady Jill Biden introduced Vice President Kamala Harris as the President of the United States.


“As many of you know, our Vice President’s historic path to the White House began before she could even walk, marching with her parents in the Civil Rights movement, or at least being pushed in a stroller. Since then, she has dedicated her life to pursuing justice and opportunity for all. She is a partner to Joe, especially on issues like voting rights, and is proud to be the first, but not the last,” she began her introduction of the Vice President.

It was at this point things took a strange turn as Jill Biden started to announce Harris as President, but then caught herself.

The First Lady quickly backtracked and claimed that it was a joke.

“I just said that to make you laugh,” she stated.

The moment was made even more odd when the First Lady looked over at Joe Biden after her slip and he just shrugged.

Seems Joe Biden doesn’t have an issue with someone else being called President.

Of course, Joe Biden himself has referred to Harris as President on more than one occasion.

During a commencement address last December at South Carolina State University Biden stated, “Of course, President Harris is a proud Howard alum.”

And in December of 2020 before even being sworn in as President, Biden referred to her as “President-elect Harris.”

Seems the Bidens are trying to tell us something.

At this point, continuing to carry on the charade is verging on elder abuse.

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