Jen Psaki was asked a question about Andrew Cuomo that she didn’t know how to handle

Things aren’t looking good for Andrew Cuomo as more details are being brought to light regarding his mishandling of nursing home coronavirus deaths.

This is an issue that Democrats can’t ignore much longer.

And Jen Psaki was asked a question about Andrew Cuomo that she didn’t know how to handle.

Countless viewers watched White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki fall apart on live TV when ABC’s liberal activist “reporter” Jon Karl asked her if Joe Biden would still back his comments from April 2020 where he mentioned Cuomo’s leadership on the coronavirus as the “gold standard”.

“Well, Jon, we work with Governor Cuomo just like we work with Governors across the country,” Psaki stated.

“There will be a process. Investigations. We’ll leave that to the appropriate law enforcement authorities to determine how that path is going to move as we look forward,” Psaki added.

Even though Karl continued trying to get a straight answer from Psaki on the nursing home death scandal, Psaki would not openly criticize Cuomo for burying the facts on the real number of deaths caused by his disastrous order for nursing homes to take in COVID-19 positive patients.

“It doesn’t always have to be a yes or no answer,” Psaki declared.

“The President is focused on his goals and objectives as president of the United States. He’ll continue to work with Governor Cuomo as well as other governors across the country.”

New York Democrats are furious with Cuomo, accusing him of punishable acts, which include obstruction of justice. Impeachment proceedings could soon follow.

Viewers were left scratching their heads wondering how Psaki and Biden would not openly condemn a Governor whose administration has proven that information on the coronavirus deaths was withheld to avoid creating evidence for a criminal investigation.

Far too many New York residents did not know the truth about their grandparents’ death until much later, as well as the hand that Governor Cuomo had in those deaths.

It is unacceptable that Jen Psaki refused to openly condemn those actions.

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