Jen Psaki found herself in hot water after refusing to say two words

Jen Psaki is wrapping up her run as the worst White House Press Secretary many Americans can remember.

But Psaki is not going out quietly.

And she found herself in hot water after refusing to say two words.

Last year, the Biden administration allowed the border to be overrun by thousands of Haitian illegal aliens who then set up a tent city underneath a bridge in Texas.

The corporate-controlled media tried to create hysteria when a freelance photographer took a picture of a border patrol agent on horseback defending American sovereignty by trying to apprehend an illegal alien at the border.

Many in the corporate-controlled media circulated the lie that the photograph showed the agent whipping the illegal alien when in reality the agent was just holding the reins for the horse in his hands.

But that did not stop Joe Biden and Jen Psaki from denouncing the border patrol agents as violent racists with Biden going so far as to say “those people will pay.”

“It was horrible to see what you saw, to see people treated like they did,” Biden declared. “Horses running them over, people being strapped. It’s outrageous. I promise you those people will pay.”

Jen Psaki also piled on, falsely claiming the border patrol agents mistreated illegal aliens.

“So what [President Joe Biden] has asked us all of us to convey clearly to people who are understandably have questions, are passionate, are concerned as we are about the images that we have seen is one, we feel those images are horrible and horrific,” Psaki stated.

The agents involved recently learned they were cleared of any allegations of criminal misconduct.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked Psaki if she was prepared to say “I’m sorry” for smearing the agents in public.

Psaki would not budge.

“There is a process and an investigation that’s gone through the Department of Homeland Security. I don’t have any update on that,” Psaki answered.

Even though the agents would face no criminal charges, Psaki still refused to walk back her criticism.

“There was an investigation into their [Border Patrol agents] behavior so that investigation is playing out. Whenever it’s going to be announced, the Department of Homeland Security will announce that. And then I’m sure we’ll have a comment on it after that,” Psaki added.

Psaki is leaving in May.

This final report from the Department of Homeland Security will not be available until after Psaki leaves, meaning she will never have to answer for her lies about the border patrol agents.

And critics contend that says it all about Jen Psaki.

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