Jen Psaki became a laughing stock after she made another massive blunder

Jen Psaki’s embarrassing tenure as White House Press Secretary is coming to an end.

But she’s determined to go out with a bang. 

And she became a laughing stock after she made another massive blunder.

Regime mouthpiece Jen Psaki is abandoning the sinking ship to continue spewing left-wing propaganda at MSNBC.

Trying to spin Joe Biden’s never ending parade of failures became one of the hardest jobs in the country.

One of the biggest problems that the Biden regime has had Psaki spin is inflation.

After Biden went on a wasteful multi-trillion dollar spending spree, Americans are being crushed by the worst inflation in more than 40 years.

Psaki has been the face for every ridiculous excuse concocted by the regime to deflect from Biden’s role in unleashing devastating inflation.

On the eve of the latest disastrous inflation numbers, Psaki was questioned about it by a reporter.

“As we look ahead to tomorrow’s inflation speech, let me ask you to look back at some of the warnings that were issued last year by Summers and Rattner and so on,” the reporter asked.

“In retrospect, were they right that some of the government policies were going to lead to inflation?” the reporter questioned.

Former Bill Clinton Treasury Secretary and top Barack Obama economic advisor Larry Summers sounded the alarm last year that Biden’s $2 trillion American Rescue Plan would unleash inflation during the debate over the bill.

He was joined by former Obama car czar Steve Rattner in warning about the inflation this wasteful spending would cause.

“I wouldn’t say we agreed with them then, and we don’t agree with them now,” Psaki stated.

“I would note that as a relates to actions like the American Rescue Plan, the alternative to not putting in place and advocating for the American Rescue Plan would have been the economy continuing to spiral,” Psaki added.

This is a blatant lie from Psaki. 

President Trump giftwrapped Biden an economy that was well on its way to recovering from the pandemic.

The American Rescue Plan was a left-wing blue state and special interest giveaway that started the downward economic spiral.

Psaki then trotted out the regime’s favorite excuse to deflect blame for their failures, Vladimir Putin.

She blamed the Russia-Ukraine war for driving up energy prices and said that “two thirds to even 70 percent of inflation data is a result of energy prices.”

Inflation was skyrocketing far before the conflict broke out and Biden’s war on American energy has been the main cause of soaring energy prices.

Psaki concluded with her most laughable lie claiming that “I don’t think anyone could have predicted a year ago.”

Even left-wing Obama officials like Larry Summers and Bruce Rattner recognized early on that Biden’s spending spree would unleash inflation.

When confronted with Biden’s failures, all Psaki can resort to are laughable lies and spin.

Her excuses are so lame that even Obama officials have been calling out Biden.

Fitting then that Psaki’s time as Press Secretary is going out with another round of laughable excuses. 

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