Jen Psaki accidentally confessed something about Joe Biden that Democrats wish she didn’t

The Russian invasion of Ukraine forced Americans to face some harsh truths.

One of them involves Joe Biden.

And Jen Psaki accidentally confessed something about Joe Biden that Democrats wish she didn’t.

Jen Psaki is the White House Press Secretary.

Whoever holds that position is supposed to be an expert communicator and someone who the President can count on to stay on message at all times.

Jen Psaki is not such a person.

Psaki proved once again how inept she is in an interview with CNN discussing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression against Ukraine over the years.

In the interview, Psaki noted that she worked at the State Department in 2014 the last time Putin invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea.

“I was at the State Department, the President was the Vice President the last time Russia invaded Ukraine,” Psaki told CNN. “This is a pattern of horror from President Putin and from the cronies around him.”

Psaki committed a gob-smacking gaffe.

Joe Biden was Vice President in 2014 when Putin first invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea.

Now that Joe Biden is President, Putin went in to seize the rest of the country.

But Putin never invaded Ukraine while Donald Trump was President.

As Trump gears up to run for President again, that compare-and-contrast between the last two administrations is unavoidable.

And it does not work out favorably for Democrats.

Trump supporters knocked Psaki for pointing out how Trump more ably handled Putin than Biden did.

This is not the first gaffe Jen Psaki has committed.

But it could be among the last.

In 2021, Psaki said she would serve no more than one year in the position of White House Press Secretary.

Her time in the administration is rapidly coming to an end as evidenced by the fact that executives from both CNN and MSNBC traveled to Washington, D.C. to try and recruit Psaki to eventually sign on to serve as the centerpiece of their revamped primetime lineups.

Democrats running for re-election in 2022 probably wish Psaki was out sooner as Psaki just made every Republican’s campaign that much easier by providing ready made fodder for campaign commercials.

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