Jaws dropped when Kayleigh McEnany went on Fox Business and made this shocking prediction about Joe Biden’s next press conference

Joe Biden has remained mostly in the background during his first two months in office, doing his best to stay out of the public spotlight.

And when he does hold a press conference, he often appears confused and disoriented.

But jaws dropped when Kayleigh McEnany just went on Fox Business and made this shocking prediction about Joe Biden’s next press conference.

After being in office for over two months, Joe Biden finally held his first press conference last week.

However, even though Biden had scripted questions from reporters, he still couldn’t get through the press conference without seeming confused and disoriented.

Joe Biden’s press conference was so bad that Donald Trump called it “ridiculous” during a phone interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.

But former White House Press Secretary for Donald Trump went one step further in an interview with Fox Business where she made a shocking prediction about Biden’s next press conference.

“Oh, I think it’ll be a long time,” said McEnany when asked about Biden’s next press conference.

Referring to Biden as a “sound-bite President,” McEnany then predicted it would “probably be another 100 days” before Biden held another press conference after embarrassing himself like he did during the last one.

“They keep him in as a sound-bite president. I think there was a lot of pressure put on him to do that one. I venture to say it’ll probably be another 100 days or at least until the media drumbeat pipes up and says we need another before we’ll see him in that format again,” said McEnany.

McEnany went on to point out that Biden still hasn’t delivered a “joint address to Congress,” which is leading to even more speculation that his mental health is declining at a rapid pace.

“He tends to step in it, and he’s not good when pressed on the follow-up about transparency at the border. I mean, he stumbled there and gave really an answer that made no sense saying, well, once my programs get going,” McEnany said about Biden’s confusing responses during the press conference even though it was scripted.

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