James Comer went on Fox News and made a disturbing prediction about the visitor logs for Joe Biden’s home in Delaware

Attorneys discovered a stash of stolen classified documents at Joe Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware.

He spent over 163 days of his Presidency in Wilmington.

But James Comer went on Fox News and made a disturbing prediction about the visitor logs for Joe Biden’s home in Delaware.

Before the Christmas break, President Joe Biden told reporters that he would make his official re-election announcement sometime after the Christmas holidays.

All indications were that Biden has been planning to run for a second term from the start.

But President Biden’s classified documents scandal threw a monkey wrench into those plans.

Americans are demanding answers about the multiple stashes of stolen classified documents Biden’s attorneys found in at least three locations, including inside a garage at his home in Wilmington, Delaware next to his Corvette.

Since Biden spent more than 163 days during his Presidency at his home in Wilmington, Congressional Republicans are wondering who all visited the President and potentially had access to the classified material.

But there is a major problem.

According to the Secret Service, there is no record of who visited the President’s home during over the past two years.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) just sent a letter to Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain on Sunday demanding to see the logs from Biden’s home.

And on Monday, Rep. Comer appeared on Fox News’ The Story to discuss the classified documents scandal.

Comer demanded that the FBI request security footage from the surveillance cameras at President Joe Biden’s home to help determine who might have had access to the classified information stored there.

“Well, we wonder if the Secret Service had records now, that’s our next question,” Comer said. “Because he still had Secret Service protection,” he continued, before adding “and you would assume that the Secret Service would vet people that would be allowed on the premise of the dwelling for the President of the United States.”

However, Rep. Comer admitted that he is “sure all of the records have either been destroyed or never existed to begin with.”

The Kentucky Congressman also noted that when the FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home over allegations he took classified documents, the FBI took the security cameras to review the footage.

“The security cameras, remember the FBI, when they raided Mar-a-Lago, they also took the security cameras to look at security footage,” Comer said. “Did they do the same with Joe Biden? We do know he has surveillance cameras there.”

Joe Biden is trying to brush the issue aside.

But Comer vowed to “continue to press the Biden Administration” for answers about who had access to the classified documents he stole and hid in Wilmington.

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