Ilhan Omar was fuming after a judge shut her down

Ilhan Omar is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s top lieutenant in “The Squad.”

Together they are calling the shots for the radical socialists in Washington, D.C.

And Omar was fuming after a judge shut her down.

Ilhan Omar is one of the leading voices of the extreme left-wing agenda in Congress.

She and her fellow members of The Squad have been the biggest cheerleaders of the defund the police movement.

They’ve pushed to eliminate all federal law enforcement agencies and create a free-for-all for criminals.

Omar’s home district includes Minneapolis, which is ground zero for the anti-cop movement.

After the chaos of the George Floyd riots last summer in the city, Omar and other radical leftists didn’t let the crisis go to waste.

They saw an opportunity to push a radical ballot measure to get rid of the Minneapolis police department.

The police would be replaced by a Department of Public Safety stocked full of social workers and social justice activists.

“Defund the police” could turn into “disband the police” if the measure was passed by the city’s voters.

Thankfully, a judge has struck down the ballot measure from being voted on in November on the grounds the language used in it was misleading and unreasonable.

This sparked a furious response from Omar at a town hall.

She said democracy was being thwarted and progress was being denied in the city.

Her push to disband the police in her district comes as she and other members of The Squad have hypocritically been using taxpayer money to pay for their own security.

This is the latest in a string of failures for her and the defund the police movement.

Two major bills pushed by Omar and The Squad to handcuff and disband the police died in the Senate after passing the House.

As polling shows that voters overwhelmingly disapprove of the defund the police movement, vulnerable Democrats are running scared from it sensing electoral doom.

For Democrats trying to hold onto narrow majorities in Congress, rising crime from defund the police could cost Democrats control.

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