Ilhan Omar said one word that will make Joe Biden’s life a living hell

The walls are starting to close in on Joe Biden.

Biden’s stolen classified documents scandal is mushrooming out of control.

And Ilhan Omar said one word that will make Joe Biden’s life a living hell.

Over the weekend, Americans found out President Joe Biden stole a fourth batch of classified documents and hid them for six years inside one of his Delaware homes.

This bombshell revelation came just days after Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed U.S. Attorney for the district of Maryland Richard Hur as the Special Counsel to investigate President Joe Biden’s criminal conduct.

These developments infuriated Democrats, who wanted to see former President Donald Trump arrested over the Mar-a-Lago document dispute and subsequent FBI raid.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) had her own strange reaction to the scandal, telling MSNBC host, and former Biden administration official, Symone Sanders that she was “glad there is a special prosecutor to investigate this.”

That statement stunned Sanders.

“You are glad there’s a special prosecutor,” Sanders stammered. “Tell me why.”

Rep. Omar said any time someone stole classified documents it should be thoroughly investigated.

But Omar didn’t even offer up a defense of President Joe Biden, and instead tried to claim this would show GOP hypocrisy.

“Because any time there is a deviance in regards to security protocols that should be taken serious, it should be investigated,” Omar told Sanders. “What I find interesting is that Republicans — who have defended Trump after he literally stole classified documents, refused to turn them over, lied about having them, made up some story about how he declassified them, had to have his house raided in order for those documents to be found — are now only interested in investigating Biden, who has cooperated, who his own staff and former staff have themselves turned these documents in.”

“So you have to understand, right?” she continued. “Republicans aren’t really interested in upholding the law, in following security protocols. What they’re interested in is playing a political game and now only wanting to investigate Biden.”

There is a key difference between Donald Trump keeping documents in an area secured by the Secret Service at Mar-a-Lago, and Joe Biden stealing classified documents six years ago.

And that is the fact that Donald Trump was President at the time he took the documents, and possessed the Constitutional authority to declassify any document he saw fit at any time.

But when Joe Biden stole classified documents, he was simply Vice President, and had no such Constitutional authority.

But Rep. Omar’s comments were telling in another sense.

Omar did not even try to defend President Biden, and even said she was glad he was under investigation.

That will only add fuel to the growing speculation that Democrats are hoping to seize on this scandal to force Joe Biden to step aside ahead of the 2024 election.

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