Hillary Clinton’s jaw hit the floor when Democrats gave her this shocking news

Hillary Clinton appears to be on the verge of a major political comeback.

But scandal has always followed her since her days in Arkansas.

And her jaw hit the floor when Democrats gave her this shocking news.

Every time you think Hillary Clinton is fading away, she vaults herself back into the spotlight.

With Joe Biden’s Presidency imploding and his declining mental state visible for all to see, Democrats are rumored to be searching for a potential replacement.

Kamala Harris would normally be the frontrunner to step in, but her short tenure as Vice President has been a disaster.

The other 2020 also-rans for the Democrats like Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren haven’t inspired anyone.

Hillary Clinton’s name has popped up as the Democrats strongest potential 2024 candidate.

She likely would run again if given the chance to fulfill her lifelong ambition of being the first woman President.

Recently, she’s started to increase her public profile and is set to give a major speech at the New York Democrat Party convention.

It certainly looks as if the stars could be aligning for another Hillary Clinton comeback.

But a recent poll could pour cold water on that idea.

TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics recently conducted a poll on Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russiagate scandal.

They found that 91% of Republicans and 65% of independents want Hillary investigated for role in the scandal.

An eye popping 66% of Democrats said they wanted her investigated by Durham about the scandal.

That number jumped by 20% from the last time the poll was conducted in October of 2021.

The polling was conducted before the latest bombshell on the scandal broke about the Clinton campaign trying to access Trump’s computer servers in an attempt to tie him to Russia.

That 66% of Democrats wanting an investigation could skyrocket now.

The poll is devastating news for Hillary’s comeback hopes.

Even a majority of Democrats realize that her campaign played a significant role in Russiagate.

Hillary’s path to the 2024 nomination is based on the most electable, strongest candidate for Democrats.

With the new bombshell allegation against her 2016 campaign and weak polling among Democrats, it’s hard for her to make that case.

Her 2016 campaign crumbled under her numerous scandals and it appears that scandal is still synonymous with the Clinton name. 

While scandal hasn’t stopped Hillary in the past, this news likely means she wouldn’t clear the path in the primary for the nomination.

No matter what Hillary’s future might hold, it seems that Americans will likely always associate her with scandal. 

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