Hillary Clinton will be red with rage when she sees what this prosecutor will prove in court

Donald Trump and his supporters learned of a bombshell that they waited years for.

Democrats are facing a huge scandal.

And Hillary Clinton will be red with rage when she sees what this prosecutor will prove in court.

Special counsel John Durham’s court filings in his prosecution of Perkins Coie and Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann for allegedly lying to the FBI about his role in the Russian collusion hoax continues to reveal clues about the outcome of Durham’s investigation into the origins of that deranged conspiracy theory.

Durham charged Sussmann with lying about not representing the Clinton campaign in a September 2016 meeting with FBI agents where Sussmann peddled a baseless conspiracy theory about a server in Trump tower communicating with a server at Alfa bank, a Kremlin-linked financial institution.

In Durham’s latest court filing, Durham wrote that in early 2017, Sussmann brought data supposedly substantiating the link between Donald Trump and Russia that the FBI and CIA determined was implausible and “did not withstand technical scrutiny.”

Durham also said the government determined this data was “user generated.”

“For example, while the FBI did not reach an ultimate conclusion regarding the data’s accuracy or whether it might have been in whole or in part genuine, spoofed, altered, or fabricated, Agency 2 concluded in early 2017 that the Russian Bank 1 data and Russian Phone Provider 1 data was not ‘technically plausible,’ did not ‘withstand technical scrutiny,’ ‘contained gaps,’ ‘conflicted with [itself],’ and was ‘user created and not machine/tool generated,” Durham’s court filing read.

Durham charged Sussmann with lying to the FBI in the September meeting where Sussmann claimed he was not at the meeting on behalf of his client the Clinton campaign when in fact Sussmann was representing the campaign.

In a previous court filing, Durham wrote that he intended to prove that the Clinton campaign, its agents and researchers colluded in a “joint venture” and “conspiracy” to fabricate a link between the Trump campaign and Russia.

The Durham investigation already showed that the Clinton campaign paid for the Steele dossier and also helped write portions of the dossier.

Durham’s prosecution of Sussmann will provide the chance for Durham to lay out in public the evidence that the Clinton campaign invented the Trump-Russia collusion story out of whole cloth.

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