Hillary Clinton learned some devastating news in court that will change everything

Hillary Clinton is finally facing a reckoning.

It is years overdue.

And Hillary Clinton learned some devastating news in court that will change everything.

Trump supporters cheered the decision by federal judge Christopher Cooper to allow special counsel John Durham’s prosecution of Perkins Coie and Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann for lying to the FBI in a meeting where Sussmann pitched a conspiracy theory about Trump colluding with Russia to proceed.

The Hill reports:

A federal judge on Wednesday ruled that Special Counsel John Durham can proceed with his office’s prosecution against a lawyer with ties to Democrats for making a false statement to the FBI in 2016.

U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper denied a motion from Michael Sussmann to dismiss the single charge against him, which stems from a 2016 meeting with the FBI’s top lawyer to present evidence supposedly linking then-presidential candidate Donald Trump to a Russian bank.

Cooper, who was appointed by former President Obama, said in his decision Wednesday that the legal challenges raised by Sussmann’s lawyers against the Durham indictment may have some merit but cannot be fully ruled on in the pretrial stage.

“The battle lines thus are drawn, but the Court cannot resolve this standoff prior to trial,” the judge wrote in a six-page decision.

Sussmann allegedly played a key role in trying to frame Trump as a Russian agent and pushed the FBI to investigate Trump during the campaign.

Sussmann also worked at Perkins Coie when the Clinton campaign enlisted the former British spy Christopher Steele to author the hoax dossier about Trump colluding with Russia.

Durham’s court filings show he intends to use the Sussmann trial to demonstrate how the Clinton campaign invented the Russian collusion conspiracy to harm Donald Trump.

Durham’s filing also seeks to admit emails that include the Clinton campaign in the effort to substantiate the Alfa Bank hoax. These emails could be considered inadmissible hearsay, but Durham explains that they are not being used to establish the truth of the emails, but rather that there was a “conspiracy” between Sussmann, the Clinton campaign, and others: “[T]he relevant communications are . . . admissible as co-conspirator statements made in furtherance of a joint venture,” he says,” Breitbart reported.

This ruling will finally allow the American people to see in court that the idea that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians was a hoax cooked up by Democrats.

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