Hillary Clinton knew it was over when this shocking news hit the headlines

Hillary Clinton simply does not know when to walk away.

She’s re-entering the spotlight now that the Biden administration is imploding.

But even Hillary Clinton knew it was over when this shocking news hit the headlines.

Scandal has followed the Clintons since their days in Arkansas, and it appears that it will continue to do so.

With the recent prosecution of Ghislaine Maxwell, questions about Epstein’s pals have resurfaced.

Of course, Hillary and Bill Clinton had a shady relationship with Epstein for decades.

However, a new investigation about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign’s cover-up of Epstein ties has raised even more suspicions about the situation.

Little St. James, Epstein’s secret private island in the US Virgin Islands, was supposed to be the scene of his most heinous acts.

It was “the perfect hideaway and haven for trafficking young women,” according to the Attorney General of the US Virgin Islands.

But Darren Indyke, Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer, had an odd request for Miles and Cathy Alexander, the island’s retired caretakers, during the 2016 presidential campaign.

They received an email from Indyke, who asked them to sign an affidavit stating that they had never met Bill Clinton on the island and that he had never been present while they were away.

“It was during the 2016 Presidential campaign which was won by Trump. There was a worry that the link between Epstein and Clinton and in particular the island could be used against Hillary,” the Daily Mail reported.

Bill Clinton has denied ever visiting the island or knowing anything about Epstein’s actions.

But Virginia Giuffre, a purported Epstein victim, claimed to have seen Clinton on the island with two young women, according to her account.

To complicate matters for the former President, Doug Band, a former Clinton confidant, told Vanity Fair that Bill visited the island in 2003.

And it’s well known that Bill Clinton’s ties to Epstein date back to the 1990s.

According to visitor logs, Epstein visited the Clinton White House 17 times during his first term in office, from 1993 to 1995.

Epstein brought Ghislaine Maxwell and seven other women with him on these travels.

Bill was also a passenger aboard Epstein’s private jet, according to flight logs.

These shady ties to Epstein could end up becoming a significant political headache for Hillary Clinton.

With Joe Biden’s mental health deteriorating and his presidency imploding, Democrats are believed to be considering replacing him in 2024.

Kamala Harris and the other unsuccessful 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls aren’t exactly inspirational.

Hillary Clinton has been considered as a prospective replacement for Biden.

Her public appearances have been rising.

Bill Clinton’s inability to avoid queries about his friendship with Epstein, on the other hand, will give Hillary serious indigestion.

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