Hillary Clinton is going to hate what this FBI agent revealed in court

The Russian collusion hoax was a direct attempt to stage a coup against Donald Trump.

Now the bill is coming due for Hillary Clinton and his campaign.

And Hillary Clinton is going to hate what this FBI agent revealed in court.

Special counsel John Durham charged former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann with lying to the FBI in a September 2016 meeting.

Durham alleged that Sussmann falsely told the FBI that he was not there on behalf of his client the Clinton campaign during a meeting where Sussmann tried to push the FBI to investigate a bogus conspiracy theory about the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians.

One of the first witnesses Durham’s prosecutors called was former FBI General Counsel James Baker.

Baker was one of the FBI agents who met with Sussmann in September 2016.

And Baker testified that Sussmann specifically claimed he was not meeting with the FBI on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

“He [Sussmann] said he was not appearing before me on behalf of any particular client, and that he had some information that was of concern relating to an apparently surreptitious communications channel between something called Alfa Bank – which he described as being connected to the Kremlin in Russia – and some part of the Trump Organization in the United States,” Baker said in court.

“I thought he was coming to see me as a good citizen who had obtained some information,” Baker testified. “Knowing Michael [Sussmann], I would think he would want to help the government.”

But the Durham team is telling the jury a different story.

Sussmann – on behalf of the Clinton campaign tried to create an “October surprise” using a “look, a lie, and a leak.”

This means the Clinton campaign wanted the FBI to look at the supposed “data” Sussmann presented about a server in Trump Tower communicating with the Kremlin-linked Alfa Bank – which was fraudulent – and then leak to the press that Trump was under FBI investigation for conspiring with Russia to steal the election.

Other FBI agents testified that the so-called “evidence” Sussmann provided to back up the claims of the Trump-campaign colluding with the Russians was so flimsy that it was dismissed in short order.

This trial is the first public accounting of how the Clinton campaign engineered the Russian collusion hoax.

And the truth figures to be much worse than anyone expected.

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