Franklin Graham made a huge 2024 announcement that left Donald Trump stunned

Donald Trump ran up historic margins with Christian voters in his first two Presidential campaigns.

But Trump got some bad news.

And Franklin Graham made a huge 2024 announcement that left Donald Trump stunned.

Franklin Graham, the son of legendary evangelist Billy Graham, backed former President Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential election.

Graham is refusing to endorse any candidate for 2024, however.

“I’m going to stay out of it until after the primaries have finished,” Graham told CBS news after delivering a prayer at the March for Life.

“I’m just not going to get involved in supporting this one over that one,” he added. “Let’s just let the people decide. And when the dust is settled, I’ll make a decision on that point.”

The lack of Christian leaders endorsing Trump after he announced his campaign has become a bone of contention for the former President.

In an interview with Real America’s Voice host David Brody, Trump complained about what he saw was a lack of loyalty from prominent Christian leaders after he delivered on nominating the Supreme Court Justices who finally overturned Roe v. Wade.

“Nobody has ever done more for Right to Life than Donald Trump,” the former President claimed. “I put three Supreme Court justices, who all voted, and they got something that they’ve been fighting for 64 years, for many, many years.’”

“There’s great disloyalty in the world of politics and that’s a sign of disloyalty,” he added.

Of course, this Trump take comes after the former President claimed he had no role in Republicans’ underperformance in the 2022 Midterms because, as he put it, the result was the fault of Pro-Life voters who pushed for Roe to be overturned, then didn’t show up on Election Day – a theory that’s been completely debunked.

Nevertheless, Graham addressed Trump’s comments, telling CBS that the Christian vote was not the property of any one candidate.

“I think [the Christian vote] is always up for grabs,” Graham said. “I don’t think any politician should take it for granted.”

Pastor Robert Jeffress was also early to endorse Trump in 2015.

Jeffress not endorsing Trump off the bat for 2024 was one of the catalysts for his attack on Christian leaders for what he saw as a lack of loyalty.

Ministers, like Jeffress and Graham, not immediately endorsing Trump struck many as a warning sign that significant portions of the GOP base are ready to move on to another candidate, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, for 2024.

Rev. Jeffress tried to tiptoe around that by telling CBS he just wanted to stay out of a contested Primary this early in the game, adding that he still thinks Trump wins the GOP nomination.

“My lack of offering an endorsement had nothing to do with a diminishing enthusiasm of President Trump,” Jeffress explained. “I have been his most vocal and visible evangelical supporter since 2015. I just felt like it was a little early to be doing that. And I think the best decision is to keep my powder dry for right now.”

“If I had to bet money, and I’m a Baptist pastor, so I don’t bet money, but if I had to, I would say Trump is going to be the nominee in 2024,” he continued. “I think it’s going to be an uphill climb for anybody to run against Trump at this time.”

Polls do consistently show that Donald Trump’s support amongst Republicans voters is lagging behind its previous peak.

These same polls also show that Governor DeSantis is running competitively against Trump despite not yet announcing his candidacy.

Christian leaders, like Graham and Jeffress, look to be staying out of the race to see if DeSantis ends up running and how the Presidential Primary plays out.

And they’ll likely make an endorsement once they see how the race shakes out and if Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis pulls away.

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