Fox News just picked a side between Mike Pence and Trump. You won’t believe who they chose

For years liberal media critics smeared Fox News as state-run propaganda for its honest coverage of Donald Trump’s Presidency.

But there are big changes happening at Fox News.

And Fox News just picked a side between Mike Pence and Trump. You won’t believe what they did.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence delivered dueling speeches in Washington, D.C.

It became a split screen moment, as Trump is clearly running for President in 2024, and Pence has given every indication he will challenge Trump in the 2024 Republican Primary.

Pence spoke at an event for Young Americans for Freedom, and President Trump delivered remarks at the America First Policy Institute.

But what stood out most that day was how Fox News covered the event, showing a full 17 minutes of Pence’s speech, while showing none of Donald Trump’s address,

“Fox showed about 17 minutes of Pence’s mid-morning speech,” CNN reported. “Newsmax showed about 10 minutes. The big contrast came in the afternoon, when Trump was speaking at the America First Policy Institute’s summit, on his first trip back to DC since leaving office. Fox showed zero minutes of Trump’s speech while Newsmax aired the entire thing. Read into that what you will.”

Rupert Murdoch – who owns Fox News – clearly turned against Trump ordering the crown jewel of his media empire to take out the former President.

Both the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal and New York Post have published editorials parroting the January 6 Committee’s smears about Donald Trump’s conduct on that day, claiming it disqualifies Trump from ever seeking the Presidency again.

“Mr. Trump took an oath to defend the Constitution, and he had a duty as Commander in Chief to protect the Capitol from a mob attacking it in his name,” The Wall Street Journal’s editorial read. “He refused. He didn’t call the military to send help. He didn’t call [then-Vice President Mike Pence] to check on the safety of his loyal VP. Instead he fed the mob’s anger and let the riot play out.”

“It’s up to the Justice Department to decide if [Trump’s inaction during Jan. 6] is a crime,” The New York Post’s editorial board wrote. “But as a matter of principle, as a matter of character, Trump has proven himself unworthy to be this country’s chief executive again.”

Rupert Murdoch has clearly made the decision he wants to move on from Donald Trump.

But Murdoch also opposed then-candidate Trump in the early stages of the 2016 GOP Presidential primary, and Trump won anyway.

The question is, will Donald Trump be able to overcome Murdoch’s opposition a second time?

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