Fox News just attacked Ron DeSantis for this insane reason

Ron DeSantis is used to facing hit pieces from the legacy media.

But Fox News turned on DeSantis.

And Fox News just attacked Ron DeSantis for this insane reason.

New York Times left-wing activist Michael M. Grynbaum wrote a whiny piece complaining that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis cut off access for the legacy media rather than submit to the usual anti-conservative smears.

Grynbaum noted that Governor DeSantis won re-election in a 19-point landslide despite not granting any interviews to what Grynbaum laughably called “national nonpartisan news organizations.”

“Although he courted right-wing podcasters and conservative Fox News hosts, Mr. DeSantis did not grant an extensive interview to a national nonpartisan news organization during his 2022 re-election bid — and he coasted to victory, with Rupert Murdoch’s media empire now promoting him as a 2024 contender,” Grynbaum wrote.

Grynbaum then admitted that DeSantis did interviews with local TV affiliates, but claimed that unless he regularly speaks with the left-wing activists at CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, CBS, NBC, and ABC that the Governor can’t win the Presidency.

“In Florida, Mr. DeSantis occasionally spoke with local TV affiliates and entertained shouted-out questions from the state’s press corps,” Grynbaum stated. “But a national contest would require him to introduce himself to a broader audience, and while a primary race would focus on Republican voters, it is often independents and centrists who decide the fine margins of the Electoral College. Although partisan podcasts and niche news sites are increasingly popular, few outlets can match the reach of traditional broadcast and cable networks.”

And amazingly, Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz agrees.

Kurtz claimed that unless Governor DeSantis changed course, he would not reach the sliver of undecided voters who ultimately decide most elections.

“Of course, you have to find ways to introduce yourself as a candidate, especially when you’ve never run for anything north of Tallahassee,” Kurtz claimed. “But the slice of independent-minded voters who can swing elections seems thinner than ever, and spread across a tiny number of states.”

Kurtz then claimed ignoring the legacy media would end up costing DeSantis in the long run.

“I’ve said for a long time that when a Presidential candidate does well in a confrontational interview, he’s showing he can hit major-league pitching,” Kurtz added. “Ignoring the media may feel good, but it deprives a politician of a chance to test his mettle on the big stage.”

It is not often that Fox News echoes The New York Times.

Fox News is the number one rated cable news network precisely because it avoids the radical left-wing group think of outlets like The Times.

But in this case, Fox News happily went along with The New York Times’ anti-conservative spin.

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