Fox News blew the whistle on Joe Biden’s secret plan to smuggle illegal aliens into America

Joe Biden’s border crisis is about to get way worse.

Now, the American people know the truth.

And Fox News blew the whistle on Joe Biden’s secret plan to smuggle illegal aliens into America.

Florida Congressman Michael Waltz appeared on Fox & Friends and explained the size and scope of the illegal alien invasion Joe Biden is allowing to occur.

Waltz explained that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused a flood of 4,000,000 refugees.

The former Green Beret told Fox News Joe Biden is on pace to allow over 2,000,000 illegal aliens to cross the border this year.

Waltz told Fox News that Biden’s only choice is to smuggle illegal aliens into American cities with secret flights in the middle of the night.

“Let’s just put these numbers in perspective, Carley. We are approaching 4 million refugees flowing out of Ukraine. Well, in the United States, we’re on track to have 2 million per year flow into the United States. So, the administration doesn’t have any choice but to try to disperse them in secret all over the country, and that’s why so many of us in Congress are pounding the table saying this isn’t a border problem, this is a national crisis,” Waltz began.

The Biden administration already got caught red-handed trafficking illegal aliens into Florida and New York with dead of night flights.

Waltz warned Americans that Biden would ramp up the program to run clandestine operations to resettle illegal aliens in American towns.

The Florida Congressman added that dumping millions of illegal aliens into American communities would place an unbelievable financial strain on the taxpayers. 

Waltz stated that the Biden administration facilitated mass migration of illegal aliens into America and that if Republicans took over the House they planned to stop Biden’s open borders agenda.

“And what does this mean for our social services? What does this mean for our communities having to absorb this many people? This is just absolutely completely unacceptable that the Biden administration is not only allowing this to happen, [but] is facilitating it to happen, and I will tell you what, when we take over the House in, God help us, nine months, this is going to stop,” Waltz added.

Joe Biden wants as many illegal aliens in America as possible.

That way if the Democrats ever pass an amnesty bill they will create the largest pool of new Democrat Party voters possible.

But to achieve that goal, Biden is ignoring his duty to protect and defend America by effectively dissolving the southern border.

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