Fauci embarrassed himself again by making one ridiculous statement

The COVID regime is tightening the screws to the American people yet again.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the other COVID hysterics are out in full force calling for more stringent measures.

And Fauci embarrassed himself again by making one ridiculous statement.

COVID is following the pattern of other viruses in that it seems to get weaker with each variant.

Dr. Angelique Coetzee, the South African doctor who first discovered Omicron, said her patients’ symptoms were far milder than previous variants.

However, the Dr. Fauci and the COVID regime are ramping up the fear despite reduced lethality from Omicron.

Fauci is even calling for continued masking on airlines despite the fact the planes have HEPA filters that constantly circulate clean air in the cabin.

Even airline CEOs, people with a vested interest in being cautious and avoiding lawsuits, believe that masks on flights are largely useless.

There is virtually no data showing that COVID is spreading on airplanes, and forcing people to wear a mask in between sipping drinks and eating peanuts is the height of COVID theater.

Fauci and other public health officials are incapable of expressing good news about the virus.

It’s doom and gloom all the time because loosening restrictions means that the COVID regime loses its emergency powers.

Americans are already experiencing COVID fatigue.

Biden won in 2020 largely due to incessant fear-mongering by the corporate-controlled press about the virus.

But exhaustion has finally set in.

Americans are anxious to return to their normal lives, and that does not include wearing a mask around the clock.

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