Everything Trump touches seems to turn to gold and the American people can’t get enough of it

If you thought Donald Trump’s popularity was waning, you’re dead wrong.

In fact, with every new Biden misstep Trump seems to gain even more favorability among the American people.

And everything Trump touches seems to turn to gold and the American people can’t get enough of it.

Joe Biden is beside himself right now.

Once again, the national polls show just how much Americans adore Donald Trump and his no-nonsense attitude.

Biden has done such damage to the U.S. that Americans are clamoring for Trump to come back.

Right now, former President Donald Trump is at the top of every favorability poll.

Trump is beating out every national political figure, including ones who the corporate-controlled media spent billions of dollars trying to protect.

Breitbart noted, “A winning favorability rating means the public likes you, which can be even more important than your job approval ratings. A good example is Barack Obama.  People liked the guy more than they approved of the job he did. It was one of those things that allowed his approval ratings to sometimes defy gravity.”

Despite the Fake News Media working overtime to smear him, Trump is defeating all odds and maintaining his popularity despite having not been in office for over a year.

RealClearPolitics released a “poll of polls,” which showed that Trump has the highest favorable rating among all national politicians and is only at -5.6 points unfavorable.

The next closest politician is Biden, who nearly doubles the unfavorable rating at -10.3 points.

Donald Trump’s grip on the Republican base is the stuff of legends and with Biden destroying the country at every turn, people are praying Trump runs again to try and right the sinking ship.

Some wonder if Trump’s absence from the White House is also helping his favorability numbers.

Would he still be as popular if he had access to social media?  

Or if he was still in the White House?

No one will ever know, but one thing’s for sure, losing in 2020 could be the best thing that ever happened to Donald Trump.

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