Elon Musk made a confession about Barack Obama that drove leftists insane

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter set off a meltdown on the Left, the likes of which have not been seen since Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election.

Now, leftists have another reason to lose their minds.

And Elon Musk made a confession about Barack Obama that drove them insane.

Leftists in the media, elected office, and in the activist class panicked after Musk bought Twitter in order to restore free speech.

The Left panicked over the idea it would no longer have a friendly ear at Twitter when it demanded the platform censor conservative views.

In response, Musk posted a graphic on Twitter showing how drastically the Left embraced extremist woke ideology and pushed Centrists closer to the Right.

This meme ignited another social media freakout.

Twitter user Tim Urban attempted to explain what Musk meant.

“It’s true that on aggregate, the right has moved more to the extreme than the left in Washington,” Urban twrote. “But the small group on the far left has become very *culturally* powerful & out of fear, the rest of the left has often allowed them to speak (and make policies) for the whole left.”

Urban wrote that the woke mob owned such a large megaphone that even some on the center-left felt alienated from their political home.

“So even though the left hasn’t moved that far left (as is shown by voting results), the left is in a sense being held hostage by their extreme wing, making a lot of people who enthusiastically voted for Obama feel politically homeless today,” Urban added.

Musk responded by noting that he donated to Barack Obama in 2012 and strongly supported the former President, but Musk admitted the extreme woke Left now ran the show.

Elon Musk makes electric cars and sent a rocket to space.

Leftists would normally support a billionaire whose corporate mission dovetails with the Left’s obsession about fighting climate change.

But because the animating force on the Left nowadays is woke ideology and online censorship, even traditional liberals like Musk – who backed Barack Obama – look like they are conservatives by comparison.

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