Elon Musk just caught Adam Schiff breaking the law with one devastating question

It’s Adam Schiff’s time in the barrel.

Schiff is about to face some tough questions.

And Elon Musk just caught Adam Schiff breaking the law with one devastating question.

Elon Musk asked Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) if he ever pressured Twitter to censor users’ account.

Rep. Schiff responded by declaring himself an avowed opponent of government enforced censorship.

But because Musk had access to the Twitter Files, he knew Schiff was lying.

In fact, Rep. Schiff’s office put in a request for Twitter to suspend the account of investigative journalist Paul Sperry over his critical coverage of the Congressman’s staff, including aide Sean Misko.

“Remove any and all content about Mr. Misko and other Committee staff from its service- to include quotes, retweets, and reactions to that content,” Schiff’s office wrote to Twitter. “Suspend the many accounts, including @GregRubini and @paulsperry, which have repeatedly promoted false QAnon conspiracies.” 

Sperry told The Daily Caller Schiff demanded Twitter censor his account over the fact that the journalist outed Deep State operative Eric Ciamarella as the whistleblower who got the ball rolling on the Ukraine impeachment hoax.

“The real reason Chairman Schiff lobbied to have me banned from Twitter stemmed from the fact he was angry [I] outed his anonymous impeachment ‘whistleblower,’” Sperry told The Daily Caller. “He lobbied to get me banned under the false premise of ‘promot[ing] false QAnon conspiracies’ which I have never done and [I] challenge Schiff to produce evidence to back up his defamatory remarks to Twitter.”

Twitter eventually suspended Sperry’s account for two years, and he was only allowed back on the platform after Elon Musk took over.

It is illegal for the government to pressure private companies to censor speech on its behalf.

There is plenty of Supreme Court case law establishing this precedent.

Adam Schiff never thought he would get caught for violating the First Amendment.

But the Twitter Files exposed his efforts to suppress free speech.

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