Donald Trump was all smiles after he got this surprising news about 2024

Donald Trump predicted what a disaster Joe Biden would be as President.

President Trump was vindicated yet again.

And he was all smiles after he got this surprising news about 2024.

It took less than a year for Joe Biden’s regime to completely collapse.

His incompetence and disastrous policies have left the country in crisis.

The economy is a mess, the border is wide open, and the country is laughing stock overseas.

Right now, Jimmy Carter’s second term is the best case scenario for Biden in the history books.

President Trump has been dropping strong hints that he’ll back for a rematch in 2024.

With Biden’s collapsing poll numbers, he should be in a strong position to take back the White House.

Now, he has some great news courtesy of Emerson College about the 2024 election.

Emerson’s polling found that President Trump is currently leading Biden 45% to 42%.

But what they found among suburban voters was remarkable.

Trump is leading Biden among them by a margin of 47% to 38%.

This is potentially game changing news for President Trump’s 2024 chances.

In 2020, losses among suburban voters in key states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Wisconsin were credited with handing Biden his disputed victory.

The Brookings Institution, a far-left think tank, said the swing in suburban voters to Biden was responsible for his win.

They thought that the suburbs would become a critical component to the Democrats’ political future.

Brookings said, “In many ways, the 2020 election could represent a breakthrough for Democrats in the sense that the suburbs — along with continued urban core support — could make them competitive both in familiar ‘blue wall’ states as well as yet-to-be-conquered Sun Belt states.”

After the catastrophic damage Biden has done to the country, many of these voters are ready to pull the plug on him.

Getting the suburbs back on the Trump train could be the key to a 2024 victory.

Emerson also found that Biden was struggling with other key groups.

“Biden struggles among Independent voters: just 28% approve of the job he is doing while 64% disapprove,” said Emerson’s Spencer Kimball.

Trump commanded a punishing 59% to 35% lead with rural voters.

The poll also found that President Trump had an almost 12% favorability advantage over Biden.

This destroys one of the establishment’s biggest talking points against a Trump comeback.

They claim that Trump’s weakness in the suburbs makes him unelectable in 2024.

With Trump seemingly coming back in the suburbs, they’ll have to find another excuse. 

One issue from the poll spells political doom for Biden.

83% of respondents say they’re facing some level of hardship from inflation and the economy is voter’s top issue in the poll.

With two more years of Biden’s blunders on the way, this could be the start of good news for a Trump comeback. 

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