Donald Trump was all smiles after a Democrat made this major election announcement

Donald Trump is taking a major role in shaping the midterm elections.

But he got some surprising news from the last place he expected it.

And he was all smiles after a Democrat made this major election announcement.

The battle for control of the Senate is starting to shape up with the primary season underway.

Alaska will have one of the most tightly contested Senate races in the country.

Incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski is one of the biggest RINOs in the Senate.

She voted for the sham impeachment against President Trump and has consistently sold out conservatives.

Alaska gave President Trump double-digit margins of victory in both of his runs.

In such a red state, conservatives wanted a real Republican to challenge Murkowski.

Former Trump administration official Kelly Tshibaka stepped up to the challenge.

She quickly earned the endorsement of President Trump.

Knowing that Murkowski was likely to lose a GOP primary, her allies concocted a sneaky scheme to save her.

A former Murkowski staffer put a measure on the ballot in 2020 that turned Alaska’s elections upside down.

After the measure passed, Alaska moved to an all-party primary with the top four finishers advancing to the general election.

Ranked choice voting is used in the general election where voters rank 1 through 4 their preference of candidates.

This underhanded move all-but assures that Murkowski will advance to the general election.

In 2010, Murkowski lost the Republican Primary to a Tea Party candidate but miraculously managed to win the General Election as a write-in candidate.

Her RINO buddies knew that they couldn’t take that risk again.

After Joe Biden’s catastrophic failures, the midterm elections are shaping up to be a major GOP wave.

High-profile Alaska Democrats passed on running for the Senate in what was expected to be a good Republican year.

A State Senator from the Anchorage area stepped to run, but she dropped out of the race shortly after entering.

With no Democrat on the ballot and the candidate filing deadline fast approaching, it looked like no Democrat might run.

That would leave Murkowski as the de facto Democrat in the race and all-but guarantee her reelection.

Faced with a choice of a Trump-backed conservative or an impeachment-supporting RINO, Murkowski could count on picking up enough Democrat votes to win.

But at the last moment, an actual Democrat – Patricia Chesbro – has entered into the race.

Chesbro is a retired teacher who heads up a local Democrat group.

This is a major break for conservatives who want to see Murkowski ousted.

Having a Democrat on the ballot will keep votes from going to Murkowski.

While Chesbro has little chance of winning, she can play spoiler in the top four General Election by pulling votes away from Murkowski.

With Alaska’s convoluted new voting system, it remains to be seen who’s the favorite, but Murkowski’s path to victory just got much harder. 

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