Donald Trump revealed the sick way FBI agents just violated his wife

More horrible details about the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago continue to trickle out.

It’s more apparent every day that the raid at Donald Trump’s home was part of a political intimidation operation.

Now Donald Trump revealed the sick way FBI agents just violated his wife.

Former President Donald Trump told Newsmax that FBI agents “violated” his wife by ransacking her closet, and even rifling through her lingerie.

“She felt very violated,” Trump revealed. “I mean, this is a terrible thing. They go into her closet, they go through her dresses, and who knows what else, and it wasn’t left the way they found it.”

“I didn’t walk into mine and say, ‘Oh, this is exactly so nice, the way they put it back,’” he added.

A friend of Melania Trump’s told Radar Online that the former First Lady felt creeped out by strangers at the FBI rummaging through her underwear drawer, and putting their hands all over her lingerie.

“Melania doesn’t like the idea of strangers going rifling through her things,” the friend told Radar Online. “Who knows who touched her underwear during the raid? She’s never going to feel comfortable wearing those ever again.”

The friend also said Melania Trump would never feel comfortable wearing those clothes ever again.

“She hates people touching her, and certainly doesn’t want to put on lingerie that FBI agents have had their hands all over,” the friend continued.

Tens of millions of Americans were horrified once Donald Trump broke the news that the Biden administration ordered the FBI to raid and ransack Mar-a-Lago.

The FBI raid on Donald Trump was part of the latest Deep State witch hunt to conjure up sham criminal charges to stop him from running for President again in 2024.

Democrats enlisted the FBI as part of their anti-Trump crusade out of fear that President Joe Biden – or whoever the Democrats run in 2024 – cannot defeat Trump.

That’s why the Biden administration manufactured this phony controversy over document storage as a pretext to weaponize federal law enforcement against the former President.

But the Biden administration wanted to ensure Trump got the message loud and clear.

And FBI agents rifling through Melania Trump’s lingerie was meant to show Trump that the Biden regime will do what they want, when they want.

And that includes attacking and violating any member of the Trump family.

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