Donald Trump revealed the one thing he would have done to stop war with Russia

Joe Biden bungled America onto the verge of war with Russia.

But it did not have to be this way.

And Donald Trump revealed the one thing he would have done to stop war with Russia.

Donald Trump appeared on Republican National Committeewoman Ronna McDaniel’s podcast and discussed the current state of affairs with Russia invading Ukraine.

Trump correctly told McDaniel that he adopted the toughest posture towards the Russians of any President who dealt with Vladimir Putin.

Trump sent anti-tank Javelin missiles to Ukraine and pulled America out of disastrous arms control agreements that limited America’s military.

Trump also sanctioned the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline that Putin intended to use to hook Western Europe on Russian energy.

“There was never anybody tougher on Russia than I was,” Trump declared. “And I would say that Putin would, if he was being honest, he would say that the sanctions I put on — I was the one that ended Nord Stream. There was never anybody even close. I mean, Nord Stream 2 was the biggest thing. Nobody ever even heard of it until I came along and complained. And then I shut it down, and there was never anything so big that happened to Russia than shutting down Nord Stream 2.”

Last May, Joe Biden committed a massive blunder by lifting the sanctions on Nord Stream 2.

Trump blasted Biden for that decision as well as Biden restricting the supply of American oil and natural gas, which caused the United States to lose its status as energy independent.

“And then Biden came in and he opened it up almost immediately. I couldn’t believe it. And now we are where we are. It’s a disgrace. The other thing we are, and we’re just a little while ago, energy independent. We were producing more energy by far than Russia or Saudi Arabia. We were going to be double the size of both in a very short period of time, probably within 12 months. But we were energy independent for the first time in more than 72 years,” Trump told McDaniel.

Trump explained that America being energy independent caused oil prices to plummet, which deprived Putin of hundreds of billions of dollars to fund his army.

“And that was a killer for Russia because we brought the price of energy down. We were down at $30 a barrel, $32 a barrel, $40 a barrel. And actually much less than that for a period of time. And nobody had ever seen anything. And that was certainly tough for Russia and other countries because they had to go out and they had to compete with those prices. And now they’re making a fortune with what’s going on, and we’re buying energy from Russia,” Trump added.

Joe Biden’s horrific decisions on limiting the American supply of energy, lifting sanctions on Russia, and botching the withdrawal from Afghanistan all opened the door for Putin to invade Ukraine.

Donald Trump argued this disaster never had to unfold.

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