Donald Trump put Democrats on notice after he made one game-changing move

Democrats are reeling heading into November’s Midterm elections.

Their stomachs dropped after one announcement.

And Donald Trump put Democrats on notice after he made one game-changing move.

Control of the Senate is on the line in next month’s crucial Midterm elections.

Former President Donald Trump has played a major role in shaping the field of Republican Senate challengers running this fall, handing out his endorsement in most every key battleground state up for grabs.

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is seething about potentially dealing with a new crop of America First, pro-Trump Senators next year.

During an interview with the despicable humans at the Chamber of Commerce, Senator McConnell complained about “candidate quality,” and downplayed Republicans’ chances of retaking the Senate.

McConnell’s “candidate quality” remark was a direct shot at Trump-endorsed Senate candidates, and conservatives in general, who defeat the establishment in Republican Primaries.

The betrayal of conservatives continued after the Senate Leadership Fund – the political action committee controlled exclusively by Mitch McConnell – pulled millions of dollars earmarked to support Trump-endorsed Republican Blake Masters in a tight race against vulnerable incumbent Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) in Arizona.

Under Senator McConnell’s “leadership,” the Senate Leadership Fund has become Republicans’ primary vessel for supporting candidates running for the Senate, with McConnell and the establishment directing donors to give to SLF rather than the actual campaigns.

While McConnell is leaving America First candidates like Blake Masters high and dry, the Republican establishment is also grumbling that Donald Trump isn’t doing enough to support the candidates he endorsed.

Of course, Trump is still a grassroots fundraising machine, bringing in an unprecedented sum of money for a former President by raising over $100 million.

Now, the Republican establishment has egg all over their face.

Donald Trump is entering the fray with a major ad buy to support the Republican Senate candidates he endorsed who are locked in tight races.

MAGA Inc., a Trump-aligned PAC, purchased more than a quarter of a million dollars in TV ads in the Columbus and Cleveland media markets in Ohio, to support Republican J.D. Vance in his battle against left-wing Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH).

In Pennsylvania, MAGA, Inc. purchased $135,650 worth of ads in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Trump-endorsed Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz has the momentum against extremist Lt. Gov. John Fetterman.

“We don’t telegraph ad spends or our strategy,” an anonymous Trump official told Politico in response to establishment criticism about the PAC’s spending.

MAGA, Inc. is also coming to the aid of other Trump-backed Senate candidates, like Adam Laxalt in Nevada, Herschel Walker in Georgia, and Blake Masters in Arizona.

In all three states, the Republican candidate is hoping to defeat a vulnerable Democrat incumbent.

The first round of TV ads from MAGA, Inc. in all five states hammer the Democrat candidates for being too radical for the U.S. Senate.

While the Republican establishment was busy criticizing Trump for not spending enough for GOP candidates, he was keeping his powder dry until voters started truly paying attention to Senate races.

Trump is also holding rallies across the country to fire up Republican voters in key battleground states.

Donald Trump just gave a major boost to Republicans’ chances of retaking the Senate after the Midterm elections. 

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