Donald Trump is grinning from ear to ear after a federal judge smacked down Joe Biden

Left-wing activists used the federal court system to obstruct Donald Trump’s agenda.

Now for Democrats, the shoe is on the other foot.

And Donald Trump is grinning from ear to ear after a federal judge smacked down Joe Biden.

Joe Biden ran on a radical open borders agenda.

He dismantled the Trump policies that were successfully cutting down on the flow of illegals.

The situation is now a total disaster with record numbers of illegal aliens being dumped all over the country.

Now red states are starting to fight back.

Attorney Generals in Texas and Missouri sued in federal court to reinstate Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy.

“Remain in Mexico” was the successful Trump policy that had asylum seekers wait in Mexico until hearings on the merits of their case were heard.

A Trump-appointed federal judge in Texas District Court agreed with them and ordered the Remain in Mexico policy reinstated.

In his ruling, he slammed the Biden administration stating that waiting in Mexico discouraged asylum seekers with frivolous claims.

Without Remain in Mexico, anyone could show up at the border and cross with a promise to show up at an asylum hearing at a later date.

Of course many didn’t show up for their hearings and became illegal aliens.

The Biden administration was dumping these so-called “asylum seekers” in states around the country allowing them to disappear with a vague promise of showing up to a future hearing.

Suspending the Remain in Mexico policy was one of many moves Biden made to throw the southern border wide open.

He stopped construction on the wall, ended the zero tolerance policy on prosecuting illegal border crossings, and dumped a rule banning immigrants from getting welfare.

With a victory at the District Court level, the Biden regime will almost certainly appeal the ruling.

The fight over Remain in Mexico will continue and conservative judges will need to stand strong against the open borders agenda.

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