Donald Trump gave one answer about nuclear war that stopped everyone cold in their tracks

Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to escalate his war in Ukraine.

Nations around the world push ever closer to the brink.

And now, Donald Trump gave one answer about nuclear war that stopped everyone cold in their tracks.

Appearing on the Full Send Podcast, Donald Trump warned Joe Biden’s bungling could push America into a war with Russia.

“What is your take on that? Is this just a scared U.S. citizen right now that’s watching this unfold,” host Kyle Forgeard asked Trump about the possibility of the war in Ukraine going nuclear.

Donald Trump said Joe Biden and his incompetent advisors could trigger a nuclear war.

Many feared the Biden administration almost committed that level of a catastrophic error with the administration trying to arrange a deal to send Polish fighter jets to Ukraine or let them take off from NATO bases.

“Well, you should be scared because we have incompetent people heading up our country, who frankly got there through a fraudulent election,” Trump stated.

Forgeard then asked Trump about how serious the prospect of nuclear war with Russia was.

“How serious is the threat of nuclear warfare?” Forgeard asked.

“I think it’s serious,” Trump responded.

Vladimir Putin’s put his nuclear forces on special combat alert.

American officials believe that is just saber rattling as the readiness status of Russia’s nuclear arsenal – the largest in the world – did not change.

But American officials do believe Putin would use nuclear weapons.

“In response to your direct question about a scenario in which NATO and the United States were directly involved in military conflict with Russia, you know, Russian doctrine holds that you escalate to deescalate, so I think the risk would rise according to that doctrine of, in extremis, you know, the Russian leadership considering the use of tactical nuclear weapons, but I stress that that’s only in that specific circumstance that you describe of a direct military conflict between NATO and Russia,” CIA Director William Burns told Congress.

Putin’s willingness to use nuclear weapons shows why calls for a “no fly zone” – where American planes would have to shoot down Russian fighter jets – or allowing Poland to transfer MiG-29 fighter planes to Ukraine – are so dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

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