Donald Trump dropped a boycott bombshell that will drive CNN crazy

Donald Trump held another one of his mega rallies in Arizona on Saturday night.

It was once again a spectacle.

And Donald Trump dropped a boycott bombshell that will drive CNN crazy.

AT&T recently caved in to Joe Biden’s demand to censor conservative voices.

After Biden delivered a White House speech insisting social media and cable companies suppress critics of his administration, DirectTV – which is owned by AT&T – announced it would not renew its contract to carry the conservative news channel One America News.

AT&T-owned platforms account for 90 percent of OAN’s revenue so DirectTV dropping OAN could force the network to close up shop.

At his rally in Arizona Trump blasted AT&T’s decision to enforce Joe Biden’s censorship edicts.

“The woke executives, I don’t know what the hell they’re doing,” Trump told the massive crowd. “They have so much debt. (DirecTV parent company) AT&T is a company that is in serious trouble. And they need AT&T, and AT&T is saying that they may no longer agree to carry this network that’s doing very well. You know why? Because people told them not to do it.”

Trump proposed a remedy: conservatives should stop using AT&T products.

“So maybe what we should do is not use AT&T,” Trump declared.

Trump added that One America News was a “great network” in which “you really get the truth.”

Donald Trump name checked Charles and Robert Herring – the brothers who founded One America News – and jokingly suggested the Herrings did not want Trump to talk about boycotting AT&T.

“They said please don’t mention the word boycott, so I won’t mention it,” Trump exclaimed. “I’m not going to use the word boycott. I will not say boycott AT&T! Because I promised Robert I will not do it! So I will not say, ‘boycott them!’”

CNN spent all of 2021 advocating for increased corporate censorship of conservative news outlets.

AT&T dropping OAN notched a major victory in CNN’s campaign to rid the media ecosystem of conservative viewpoints.

Donald Trump is suggesting a way for conservatives to fight back against CNN and the Left’s censorship campaign.

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