Disney’s CEO was forced to make this painful decision after going all-in on woke extremism

Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

Disney was the gold standard for family-friendly entertainment for generations.

The House of Mouse is paying a price for prioritizing a divisive political agenda. 

And Disney’s CEO was forced to make this painful decision after going all-in on woke extremism.

The Walt Disney Company spent decades building a reputation for wholesome entertainment that delighted audiences.

The entertainment conglomerate went off the rails when it decided to inject woke extremist indoctrination into its programming.

Disney waded into the cultural wars by picking a fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over his parental rights bill, which simply banned students younger than fourth grade from being exposed to sexual orientation and radical gender ideologies.

The results have been disastrous for Disney’s bottom line after it turned off much of its previously loyal audience by going all-in on woke extremism.

Pixar is going to be hit with significant layoffs later this year as Disney tries to improve its profitability.

TechCrunch reported that upwards of 20% of the animation studio’s employees could be given their walking papers.

The exact number of employees to be laid off is still to be determined. 

Pixar is the computer animation studio behind hit movies like the Toy Story franchise, Finding Nemo, and the Cars franchise.

The studio was once a reliable generator of box office hits for Disney, but it has fallen on hard times after going woke.

Pixar’s 2023 theatrical release, Elemental, was a massive disappointment at the box office for the animation studio after it tanked with American audiences with the worst debut for any movie in the studio’s 28-year history.

The animated kids film featured a non-binary character who used the “they/them” pronouns.

Disney is aggressively pushing woke extremist indoctrination in its films even after audiences have consistently rejected it.

The layoffs at Pixar are part of a larger cost-cutting strategy at Disney, as it deals with a string of high-profile box office bombs in its movie divisions and a streaming service that’s losing billions.

CEO Bob Iger told investors that the company is trying to make its streaming service profitable by the fourth quarter of this year.

Parrot Analytics entertainment industry strategist Brandon Katz told TechCrunch that audiences are tired of sequels and franchises that Pixar and other Disney studios have leaned hard into.

“That pendulum swing has been hard for all studios, Pixar included, to keep up with,” Katz said. “If you look at their box office history, [2017’s] ‘Coco’ was their last megabucks box office original — meaning, surpassing $500 million-plus worldwide.”

Disney is damaging the company’s bottom line with its left-wing political activism.