Devious school officials are doing something that will make your blood boil

Public schools are largely the domain of the Left.

That’s where leftists propagandize children into their insane worldview.

Now devious school officials are doing something that will make your blood boil.

The war against the neo-Marxist ideology of Critical Race Theory rages on across the country.

But another unhinged Marxist view has also been taking root, and it’s arguably far more dangerous than CRT.

Radical gender theories are being pumped into the soft heads of children – they’re being taught that there are infinite genders and “cisgender” males are oppressors and people can change their gender or sex.

These ideas tear at the fabric of society, and they’re all over K-12 schools around the country.

Worse yet, kids are being “transitioned” behind their parents’ backs.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“The parents of a Florida teenager have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit after their daughter’s school directed their child to pursue a gender transition without notifying them. January and Jeffrey Littlejohn of Tallahassee, Florida, filed the suit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida last month, seeking to ‘vindicate their fundamental rights to direct the upbringing of their children’ after Deerlake Middle School, where their 13-year-old daughter was enrolled, failed to notify them that their daughter had entered a school-sanctioned gender transition plan.”

Kids cannot be given aspirin without the consent of a parent, but they can be indoctrinated into gender nonsense and put on a plan for transition without parents knowing.

This is Clownworld, but it’s not amusing.

The Examiner continued:

“The school claimed nondiscrimination law barred them from informing the parents about the meeting with their daughter, which occurred on Sept. 8, 2020, unless the child authorized them to be there. The Littlejohns’ attorney, Vernadette Broyles of a nonprofit law firm called the Child and Parental Rights Campaign, said that when the couple asked to see the law the school was relying on, ‘they could not provide one.’”

These radicals want control over people’s children.

In true Leninist fashion, they believe they can remake the world by seizing the minds of the youth.

A recent survey showed that young kids identified as LGBT+ at a staggering rate of 40%.

Even if the number is exaggerated, the rate of people identifying as LGBT has always been under 10%.

There’s clearly some powerful suggestion games being played on kids, and parents are being awakened to it.

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