Despite warnings from his own party, this former GOP Senator is set to challenge his state’s Governor

The Republican Party is seeing quite a bit of success lately.

Most are predicting a Republican takeover of Congress in 2022 and many states are already seeing a sweep of victories by the GOP on a local level.

But despite warnings from his own party, this former GOP Senator is set to challenge the sitting Governor.

Former GOP Senator David Perdue has thrown his hat into Georgia’s 2022 Gubernatorial race.

One problem, a big chunk of the Republican State Senators don’t support his efforts.

“Our GOP and state must be unified behind our governor with a positive message to keep Georgia conservative and moving forward,” 25 of the state Senate’s 34 Republicans told Perdue in a letter obtained by Axios.

The Georgia State Senators say that Perdue made them proud during his time in the halls of Congress, but that victory in November is of the utmost importance, therefore, they’re asking him not to run against current Republican Governor Brian Kemp.

Kemp has been criticized by former President Donald Trump for not working to ensure election integrity in Georgia during the 2020 election.

When asked, Perdue said he did receive the request from the State Senators but that it didn’t factor into his decision to run.

“It was kind of funny that they thought it might.  This is what career politicians do,” Perdue stated.

Perdue says his decision to run against Kemp “isn’t personal,” but he just doesn’t believe the current Governor can win without the support of Donald Trump.

There is still a very clear sentiment among many Republican voters that Trump was robbed during the 2020 election and – whether true or not – having Donald Trump attack you isn’t going to help members of the GOP win an election in this climate.

Democratic Georgia Sen. Jon Ossoff beat Perdue in a runoff for his Senate seat in January helping to give the Democrats a razor thin majority in Congress.

Perdue has been endorsed by Trump and says that he would not have certified the 2020 election results had he been Governor.

Only time will tell what happens in Georgia, but one thing is for sure, Donald Trump could be the deciding factor come election day.

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