Despite blistering attacks from his own party Joe Manchin is still standing strong

If there is one thing we’re learning about the Democrats in Congress, it’s that a united front they are not.

Issues like immigration, the bloated infrastructure bill, and the filibuster seem to be tearing the Party apart at the seams.

And despite blistering attacks from his own party Joe Manchin is still standing strong.

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia continues to surprise many as he refuses to bend a knee to the Democrat Party’s agenda.

He just will not be moved.

And now, because he is standing up for what he believes in, the radical leftists in his Party have begun plotting revenge.

The Democrat Party is running into a roadblock they didn’t expect when it comes to ramming through their radical agenda.

Manchin was again the cause of liberal tantrums when he announced last week that he would vote against the so-called “For the People” Act. 

The “For the People” Act is a sweeping election reform bill with absolutely no Republican support, and in Manchin’s eyes, supporting it is nothing more than a partisan endeavor that will only cause further division.

Given that the Senate is split 50-50, Manchin’s opposition makes the bill dead on arrival.

In the same statement, Manchin once again confirmed he would not back the Democrats’ push to eliminate the filibuster.

Democrats only want to eliminate the filibuster to prevent Republicans from having a check on their power – in the past, many Democrats opposed eliminating the filibuster.

Right now, Joe Manchin looks like the most powerful man in Washington, D.C. as he is single-handedly stopping Democrats from pushing through the far-left radical agenda they campaigned on.

Well, now radical left-wing activists have decided Manchin is enemy number one even though he’s a long-serving member of their Party and in many cases agrees with them. 

Still, they are losing their minds over the idea that he won’t bow to their every demand.

Many are now actively working to unseat Manchin for his opposition to ramming through these radical pieces of legislation.

According to Brianna Wu, executive director of the far-left organization Rebellion PAC, “Anger at Manchin and Sinema, when it comes to response, it’s nearly as strong as what we saw under Trump.”

Unfortunately for the leftists who want Manchin out, it will be a difficult path to victory.

Manchin isn’t even up for reelection until 2024, meaning most of this will be forgotten by that time, and the entire makeup of Congress will have likely changed drastically.

Also, Manchin is what most consider a moderate Democrat, and he represents a deeply red state. 

It’s very unlikely West Virginia is voting him out any time soon – especially to a primary challenger from the Left – and he knows it.

So, try as they might, it looks like Manchin is here to stay at least for a few more years.

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