Democrats are trying to stop Donald Trump for good with this fraudulent move

Donald Trump is still at the top of Democrat’s minds.

They know Trump is going to be a huge problem for them in 2024.

Now Democrats are trying to stop him for good with this fraudulent move.

Joe Biden’s Presidency is already on the ropes after less than a year.

His colossal blunders are piling up, sending his poll numbers into Jimmy Carter territory.

After Biden turned the country into a mess, Democrats are terrified about their political future.

President Trump looks to be gearing up to make a second run at the White House.

Insiders from the Trump White House say he’s almost assured to run in 2024.

And Democrats are scared stiff of facing off against Trump in 2024.

They have reason to be worried with polls consistently showing Trump would win in a rematch against Biden.

Now they’re desperate to do anything to stop Trump and they’re pulling out their most devious tricks yet.

Harvard law professor and Democrat hack Laurence Tribe is colluding with House Democrats to permanently ban Trump from ever running for federal office.

Using an obscure provision of the 14th Amendment, Trump could be barred from ever holding office again.

Section 3 says that no one can hold federal elected office if they had previously taken an oath in support of the constitution as an elected official and “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

The clause was added to limit the power of those who served in the Confederate government or military, however it’s only been used once since the start of the 20th century.

Democrats have squealed their heads off about the trumped-up events of January 6 being an insurrection.

Pushing this fake news about January 6 is about setting them up to get rid of Trump.

“I hear it being raised with considerable frequency these days both by media commentators and by members of Congress and their staffs, some of whom have sought my advice on how to implement Section 3,” Tribe told The Hill.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida Democrat who met with Tribe said, “I continue to explore all legal paths to ensure that the people who tried to subvert our democracy are not in charge of it.”

How exactly this could be enforced is still unclear.

A bill introduced by Democrat Steve Cohen of Tennessee would have the Attorney General argue before a three judge panel to disqualify a candidate.

Others have argued a simple majority vote of both Houses of Congress would qualify.

It remains to be seen if Democrats have the ability to pull this off, but that won’t stop them from trying.

No matter what happens with the underhanded Section 3 attempt, it’s clear Democrats are desperate to do anything to stop President Trump from running again in 2024.

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