Democrats are panicking after the FBI made one shocking statement about Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden can’t outrun his many scandals.

The walls are finally closing in on him.

Now, Democrats are panicking after the FBI made one shocking statement about Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden’s problems are piling up with no end in sight. 

The federal investigation into him is coming to a head, with a decision expected soon in the case involving tax crimes, money laundering and violations of foreign lobbying laws.

And even more damaging information is slowly dripping out from his infamous “laptop from hell.”

Even the corporate-controlled media is reluctantly admitting that he’s becoming a major problem for Papa Joe.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is one of the top Republican lawmakers trying to get to the bottom of Hunter Biden’s massive corruption.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Senator Grassley asked one question to FBI Director Christopher Wray that’s raising eyebrows.

Grassley asked Wray whether a politically important person receiving foreign money would pose a national security risk.

Hunter Biden wasn’t named directly but the Senator used a “politically-exposed person” to refer to him during his questioning.

“If the FBI received information that foreign persons had evidence of improper or unlawful financial payments to elected officials, or other politically-exposed persons, would that pose a national security concern?” Grassley asked.

“Well, I think the kind of conduct you’re describing is typically something that very closely, through our efforts at malign foreign influence, it starts to shade into a blend of what we call malign foreign influence with potential public corruption,” Wray replied. “And it’s something we take seriously.”

While Senator Grassley didn’t specifically name Hunter Biden by name, the implications are clear from Director Wray’s response.

Wray admitted that a “politically-exposed person,” like Hunter, could be involved in “potential public corruption” through “malign foreign influence.”

Republicans have long argued that Hunter’s corrupt foreign business deals, which netted him – and possibly the President – millions of dollars, also made him a major national security risk.

Now, the Director of the FBI is admitting that someone in Hunter Biden’s situation raises serious red flags.

This exchange comes after Grassley revealed that “multiple FBI whistleblowers, including those in senior positions” came to him with allegations of political bias in the agency.

FBI employees referred to Hunter Biden’s infamous “laptop from hell” as “Russian disinformation” and refused to investigate it in the lead up to the 2020 Presidential election.

 Senator Grassley’s hypothetical question certainly raises questions about whether information specific to Hunter Biden would be dismissed as “disinformation” to protect the Biden regime.

During the Trump Presidency, the rot in the FBI’s leadership was exposed with their politically motivated moves against him.

FBI Director Wray’s answer on Hunter Biden is raising even more troubling questions about the Biden crime family’s corruption.

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