Democrats are melting down over this shocking CNN criticism of Joe Biden

Democrats have the Fake News Media in their back pocket.

CNN just shattered their world.

Now, Democrats are melting down over this CNN shocking criticism of Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden gave the most deranged speech of any President in American history when he labeled former President Donald Trump, and the 74 million Americans who voted for him, as enemies of the state during a primetime address in Philadelphia last week.

Against a dark red backdrop and flanked by Marines, President Biden’s unhinged rant accused Trump and the MAGA movement of an “extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,” and laughably claimed conservatives are a threat to democracy itself.

Heading into a tough Midterm election, Biden is trying to fire up Democrat’s extremist left-wing base by turning to his favorite boogeyman, Donald Trump.

President Biden broke “democratic norms,” as the Left would have called it had it been Trump, by using the military as political props for a highly partisan, political speech.

The military is supposed to be apolitical by nature, distancing itself from the world of partisan politics.

The Marine Corps and Department of Defense expressly prevent service members from wearing their uniforms at political speeches, and engaging in “partisan political activities” in uniform.  

For Joe Biden, the military was a prop to help with the disturbing Hitler-esque visuals for his unhinged rant against Trump and the MAGA movement.

Predictably, Republicans unloaded on Biden for such an evil speech, especially considering he claimed he would be a President who united the country.

“The only thing worse than Biden’s speech trashing his fellow citizens is wrapping himself in our flag and Marines to do it,” said Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA).

The move was so far over the line that even CNN called out Biden for it.

“There’s nothing unusual or wrong with a President delivering a political speech — it’s inherent in the job description — but doing it against a backdrop of two Marines standing at attention and the Marine Band is a break with White House traditions,” CNN’s Chief National Affairs correspondent Jeff Zeleny said on social media.

“Whatever you think of this speech the military is supposed to be apolitical,” said CNN host Brianna Keilar. “Positioning Marines in uniform behind President Biden for a political speech flies in the face of that. It’s wrong when Democrats do it. It’s wrong when Republicans do it.”

President Joe Biden using Marines as political props for a despicable speech attacking his political opponents was so far over the line that it had CNN employees speaking out.

Democrats blew a gasket on social media accusing CNN of becoming the new Fox News for daring to criticize Joe Biden.

CNN once again proved the old adage that a broken clock can right be right twice a day. 

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