Democrats are in disarray as they appear to be plotting one move against Joe Biden

The Biden administration is already in shambles just 11 months into the job.

Democrats are bracing for a red wave in the midterm elections.

Now Democrats are in disarray as they appear to be plotting one move against Joe Biden.

Polls show that Joe Biden would lose if he ran for reelection in 2024.

Multiple surveys show Donald Trump would defeat Biden in a hypothetical rematch.

Even MSNBC personality Donny Deutsch admitted Biden would likely lose to Trump, and that’s after years of relentless anti-Trump media coverage.

Now more members of the corporate-controlled press are already talking about succession plans for Biden after his term is up.

Politico reports:

“President Joe Biden says he intends to run for reelection in 2024. But not all Democrats believe him. Nor are they convinced his No. 2 would be the clear heir if he did choose to opt out . . . Though the expectation remains that Biden will mount a reelection bid, Democratic operatives are preparing for the possibility that it won’t materialize, noting Biden’s grim 2022 midterm prospects and his age – he’d be 86 years old at the end of any second term. Biden has also said he wants to be a bridge to the next generation, which has fed routine speculation that he could bow out to make way for a younger Democratic candidate.”

Republicans have their biggest lead in history in the generic congressional ballot for 2022, and even latinos – a reliable Democratic voting bloc – are virtually split down the middle between Democrat and Republican.

All of these are bleak signs for Biden and the Democrats, especially now that it looks certain his Build Back Better agenda is going nowhere anytime soon.

But more troubling for the Democrats is the fact that their bench is weak.

Only 12% of Democrats want Kamala Harris to run in 2024 – though 12% is a feeble number, Harris polled significantly higher than the rest of the Democratic field.

Politico continued:

“Typically, the person at the other side of that bridge would be the vice president. But less than a year into her time in the executive branch, more than a dozen Democratic officials — some affiliated with potential candidates — say that Harris is currently not scaring any prospective opponents.”

Harris’s lackluster performance in the primaries should have been a sign that she was a weak successor to Biden.

Her only “moment” occurred in the first debate when she suggested that Biden was a racist.

Harris crashed and burned soon after, and she bowed out before getting embarrassed in her home state of California.

Democrats have no good options at the moment.

All they can run on is Orange Man Bad.

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