Democrats are in a state of panic after Joe Biden’s latest crisis

Joe Biden has caused crisis after crisis as President.

His failures are threatening to sink the entire Democrat Party.

Now, Democrats are in a state of panic after his latest crisis.

The problems are piling up for Joe Biden with no end in sight.

He earned the nickname “bare shelves Biden” after the supply chain crisis got worse under his watch.

Empty store shelves have been a common occurrence under his failed leadership.

Biden came into office as the supply chain crisis caused by the pandemic was winding down.

Now in many places, shelves are as empty as they were during the height of the pandemic.

A new shortage under Biden is turning into a major problem for the country.

Stock of baby formula has plummeted to crisis levels across the country.

40% of the best-selling baby formulas were out of stock across the country according to analysis from Datasembly.

They tracked this at 11,000 retailers around the country.

National out-of-stock levels increased by 9% for the month of April.

That’s up sharply from the 11% out-of-stock level seen last November.

“This is a shocking number that you don’t see for other categories,” Datasembly CEO Ben Reich stated.

Online, the situation is just as grim.

Major online retailers are out-of-stock of popular brands with some generics on a one to two month wait.

Stores that are fortunate enough to have supply have started putting limits on purchases to prevent hoarding.

As a result of this massive shortage, the price of formula has spiked by roughly 18% over the past year.

In some states, the situation is bordering on a catastrophe.

More than half of all baby formula in six states — Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Texas, and Tennessee — was sold out for the last week in April.

A concerned parent in San Francisco weighed in on the problem to CBS News.

“We’ve noticed it being difficult to find maybe a couple months ago — two, three months ago — and then just recently we can’t find it,” the parent stated.

“We’ve tried all the local Targets. We checked Costco, Costco online, Walgreens, Long’s. Can’t find it anywhere,” the parent added.

“Never did I think I would have a problem finding food for my baby in America,” another parent added.

Frustrated parents are having to scour stores in search of formula with some turning to relatives out-of-state to help find it.

And, to make matters worse, the situation isn’t getting better any time soon.

“We expect to continue to see the baby formula category being dramatically affected,” Reich said.

While Biden has claimed to be working on the supply chain crisis, the situation is getting worse.

Meanwhile, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg – who is in charge of the supply chain – skipped out on several months of work to take paternity leave.

The Biden regime is paying lip service to the problem while parents are facing the tragic consequences of Biden’s inaction. 

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