Democrats are groaning after Joe Biden gave them this wrong message for 2024

Biden Campaign Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Joe Biden is dealing with the biggest crisis of his political career after his botched debate.

Now he’s trying to rally wavering Democrats behind his campaign. 

And Democrats are groaning after Joe Biden gave them this wrong message for 2024.

Joe Biden’s campaign looks foolish trying to spin his debate performance

President Joe Biden is facing a growing revolt amongst his fellow Democrats after he shocked the country with possibly the worst debate performance in American history.

The Biden camp began trying to do damage control after the debate.

At first, they blamed the Democrat President’s performance on a “cold.”

But they marched the allegedly sick Biden into a crowded Waffle House right after the debate for a photo-op.

The Biden family huddled up at Camp David and made the decision to keep the Democrat President in the race.

Now, they’re trying to get the staff who prepared him for the debate to fall on the sword for the disaster.

CNN reported that members of the Biden family are blaming the campaign staff who prepped the Democrat President for the debacle.

Biden spent the week before the debate in lockdown at Camp David, focusing solely on his debate preparation.

The unnamed Biden family members accused senior staffers of not doing enough to prepare the Democrat President for his showdown with former President Donald Trump.

Florida trial lawyer John Morgan, a major Biden donor, accused the Biden regime staffers who prepared the Democrat President of “political malpractice.”

“It is my belief that he was over-coached, over-practiced. And I believe [senior aide] Anita Dunn… put him in a venue that was conducive for Trump and not for him,” Morgan said.

He added that Dunn and her husband, who served as Trump in practice, should be fired.

If there’s anyone in Washington, D.C.’s “Swamp” who should be prepared for a debate, it’s Joe Biden.

Over his nearly half a century in elected office, Biden has served six terms as a Senator, two terms as Vice President, and is coming up on the end of his first term as President.

He should know how to prepare for a debate better than anyone in the country.

This Biden family is fumbling, looking for excuses and someone to blame.

It was the Democrat President who blew the debate because of his significant physical and cognitive decline. 

Jen Psaki defends the debate prep team

Former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki wasn’t buying the spin about the blame for the debate being on the staffers who prepared Biden.

“There are a lot of important discussions and debates about this political moment we are in and the path forward, but the notion that the issue at the debate was the prep process done by people like [Ronald Klain] and Anita Dunn who have successfully prepped many candidates including Obama, Clinton and Biden is absurd,” Psaki wrote on X.

She sent a message to Biden’s family to look elsewhere for their scapegoats.

“It was a bad debate. I have no doubt they were tough, strategic and direct. (Believe me I have seen them in action) but prep does not always determine the outcome. Biden was bad. Important convos about what happens next. But if you are directing your ire at ‘prep’ you are not talking about the right things,” Psaki added.

The Biden family is in crisis mode, trying to figure out how to put down a Democrat revolt.