Democrats are going to unbelievable lengths to stop one Biden chant

Joe Biden is falling on his face as Commander-in-Chief.

But the Democrat Media Complex is doing all it can to prop him up.

Now Democrats are going to unbelievable lengths to stop one anti-Biden chant.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are under water across the board.

The country’s displeasure with Biden has been illustrated by a spate of “F*ck Joe Biden” chants that have erupted at sporting events across the country.

However the profane chant has been replaced by the euphemistic cheer “Let’s go, Brandon” after an NBC Sports reporter misreported what the crowd was saying during a NASCAR event.

And Democrats are desperate to shut down the cheer.

Now a left-wing school administrator wants kids to stop chanting “Let’s go Brandon.”

The Daily Wire reports:

“A prep school in South Carolina did not find it funny when students last month started chanting ‘Let’s go Brandon,’ a phrase used to convey disapproval of President Biden, and cracked down on the behavior in an email to parents. The headmaster of Mason Preparatory School in Charleston, South Carolina blasted out an email to parents complaining about the chant and asking them to speak to their children about it.”

Apparently it’s deeply important that kids not chant “Let’s go Brandon” amongst themselves at school.

Headmaster Dr. Tim Spurrier wrote parents in an email:

“We have observed students chanting, ‘Let’s go Brandon’ at school. If you are not aware of this phrase, please use Google to seek the meaning . . . This phrase, which implies foul language, disrespect, and unkindness, is not appropriate for school . . . We hope that parents will join us in using this situation as a teaching opportunity.”

But some parents are displeased with the teaching that’s going on at Mason Prep.

Apparently Headmaster Spurrier is spreading progressivism to the school.

The Daily Wire continued:

“One parent said Mason Prep has turned into a ‘woke nightmare for parents’ since Spurrier took over. That parent ended up pulling their two children out of the private school a few days before school started in August, but not before writing a letter to the school board expressing frustration with the mask mandate and vaccination policies, the school’s new diversity, equity, and inclusion program, and Spurrier himself.”

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion” should be red flags for parents to run for the hills.

Behind the DIE acronym rests neo-Marxist principles every single time.

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