Democrats are furious after the Supreme Court upheld this Arizona law on election integrity

Swing states across the country are looking to secure their election systems.

Biden recently called Georgia’s new election security law “Jim Crow 2.0.”

And now Democrats are furious after the Supreme Court upheld this Arizona law.

Republican legislatures across the country have been trying to pass new election security measures in their states.

After the tumultuous 2020 election, states want to reel in the extreme laws that make it easier for possible widespread voter fraud to occur.

Georgia just passed a law that secures their election system and it has Democrats enraged.

Major League Baseball even boycotted the state over the law, and moved their All-Star Game to Denver instead of Atlanta.

Arizona just also passed an election security law as well, as Democrats are fuming at the possibility of more secure elections in the pivotal swing state.

Arizona’s law merely maintains the state’s ban on ballot harvesting and requires that Election Day ballots be cast in the voter’s home precinct.

These rules seem to be pretty common sense, and the Supreme Court agreed.

In the case, Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee, the Left claimed that the new law is discriminatory to minorities.

Unfortunately for them, the Supreme Court saw right through their argument and upheld the Arizona law.

This decision had Democrats irate, with President Biden condemning the decision in a speech on Tuesday, saying the decision was an “attack on the beating heart of our democracy.”

All Arizona Republicans want to do is ensure that votes cast in their state are legitimate and can be traced back to a real voter, rather than allowing left-wing activists to harvest ballots before submitting them to the polling station.

But the Democrats realize that the only way they can hold on to power in swing states like Arizona is if they bend the rules in their favor.

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