Deep State operatives did something that will make your blood boil

Donald Trump warned the American people about the Deep State.

Entrenched members of the executive branch and the intelligence community have vast shadow power.

And Deep State operatives did something that will make your blood boil.

When Donald Trump warned about the Deep State, the corporate-controlled press said he was being a conspiracy theorist.

Later the Left pivoted to the narrative that the Deep State is real, but it’s a good thing because the people within it are standing up to Trump.

But as more time passes, people are beginning to see how these unelected and unaccountable figures have immense power with limited oversight.

Now FOIA documents show that members of the CIA committed heinous sex crimes against children, and were not duly punished.

Buzzfeed reports:

“Over the past 14 years, the Central Intelligence Agency has secretly amassed credible evidence that at least 10 of its employees and contractors committed sexual crimes involving children. Though most of these cases were referred to US attorneys for prosecution, only one of the individuals was ever charged with a crime. Prosecutors sent the rest of the cases back to the CIA to handle internally, meaning few faced any consequences beyond the possible loss of their jobs and security clearances . . . CIA insiders say the agency resists prosecution of its staff for fear the cases will reveal state secrets.”

The Left constantly accuses some people on the Right of being conspiracy theorists who believe high-profile pedophiles are getting away with their crimes, then stories like this come out.

Jeffrey Epstein, a shadowy figure who amassed wealth and nobody knows how, died under mysterious circumstances in prison and the so-called “mainstream” media are utterly incurious.

Ghislaine Maxwell is standing trial for her involvement in Epstein’s crimes, but the press would rather focus on fake controversies.

Buzzfeed continued:

“One employee had sexual contact with a 2-year-old and a 6-year-old. He was fired. A second employee purchased three sexually explicit videos of young girls, filmed by their mothers. He resigned. A third employee estimated that he had viewed up to 1,400 sexually abusive images of children while on agency assignments. The records do not say what action, if any, the CIA took against him. A contractor who arranged for sex with an undercover FBI agent posing as a child had his contract revoked.”</i

It’s sickening to think that these former employees and contractors are free to prowl and no one is the wiser about their identities.

The unaccountable Deep State is real, and their crimes are as bad as you can imagine.

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